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Ten Fascinating Facts About Reptiles

Guest Author: James Alston ExoticDirect pet insurance have collected ten of the most fascinating facts about reptiles for reptile awareness day on October 21st. 1. There are four main reptile groups. These are the Crocodilians, which includes alligators and, of course, crocodiles, the Squamates which includes lizards and snakes, the... Read more →

Wash AND Vacuum Your Floors with CrossWave® Pet Pro!

Bissell Canada has the perfect product for pet parents who want to keep their home looking spiffy. The CrossWave® Pet Pro Multi-Surface Wet Dry Vacuum makes cleaning up after a pets a cinch. Some of the great features are: Vacuums and washes your floors at the same time Designed for... Read more →

The Pet Pail - For Dogs On The Go!

Hitting the road or hiking the trails with a favorite canine friend is one of life’s simple pleasures. But gathering together and packing away all the bowls, bottles and food can be a time and space consuming process. What if there was a grab and go solution that was easy,... Read more →

From Rescue Dog to War Hero - Sergeant Stubby #Giveaway!

From Rescue Dog to War Hero New Book, Movie Tell the Story of Unsung Hero Sergeant Stubby The amazing story of Sergeant Stubby, the canine war hero who saved countless lives during World War I, is now on bookshelves across America. Why Did Sergeant Stubby Go to War?, the second... Read more →

Big News for Little Dogs!

(Disclosure: Petcurean supplied me with 50 pounds of NOW FRESH, which was donated to a local dog rescue. Petcurean rocks!) To provide more options for the special dietary needs of small breeds, Petcurean has launched two new kibbles for small adult dogs: NOW FRESH Grain-Free Red Meat and NOW FRESH... Read more →

How Do You Protect a Blind Dog From Bumping Into Things?

Muffin’s Halo Is An Innovative Device That Protects Blind Dogs From Bumping Into Walls And Hard Surfaces This press release passed my desk recently and I just had to share. I met Silvie Bordeaux several years at a pet bloggers conference. She was so passionate about her invention and I... Read more →