Man's Best Friend: Dog Onesies

First of all, I can't tell you enough how content I feel, now that I have focused on truly living my joy. Perhaps it's been the isolation with the pandemic, although I happily live with my mom as her caregiver. Not sure. But it's got me thinking how darn important... Read more →

How To Live With a Pup In a Tiny Home

Living with a pet in a regular-sized home is challenging enough. Now, add to that the pressure of living in a tiny space and you’ve got yourself an interesting recipe. But, it doesn’t have to be a disaster because if you’re organized then you can manage anything. Here are some... Read more →

Chew This Journal - Perfect for All Dog Lovers

We all know dogs are excellent company and offer mere humans boundless love and comfort. Top American Dog Trainer and Expert, Sassafras Lowrey, shares secrets of canine companionship and fun ideas to try together that will lead to lasting memories and a deeper bond in this brag book for fur... Read more →

Super Cool Gift for Dog & Cat Lovers

This has got to be one of my favorite things now.... My "King Oscar" canvas from The nice folks offered to create one of their products for me, in exchange for a blog review and I have to say, I'm a very happy Pet Blog Lady. The online instructions... Read more →