5 Most Awesome Jobs If You Love Dogs

Dogs have become an integral part of humans’ domestic history since time immemorial, so it’s no surprise that some of the services revolving around them naturally evolved into coveted careers. Indeed, a career in the pet industry can be extremely rewarding. As a dog lover/enthusiast, not only are you doing... Read more →

The Beginner's Pocket Guide to Fishkeeping

Guest Author: Matt Leighton Fishkeeping can be one of the most exciting and easiest hobbies there is. While there are many misconceptions regarding the difficulty of caring for fish, it can be much easier than you'd think. If you're new to keeping fish and looking for advice on the best... Read more →

Click with Your Chick! Clicker Training for Chickens!

Raising any animal requires training, and chickens are no exception. Chicken farmer and animal behavior specialist Giene Keyes has a program for training backyard chickens by rewarding positive behavior through use of a clicker. With this behavior method, chickens can be ordered go to the coop, perch on your arm,... Read more →

Watch a Video - Feed a Pet! Petcurean Celebrates 20 Years!

(Oscar is cheering us on!) Petcurean, a Canadian pet food maker based in Chilliwack, BC is celebrating its 20th year in business, having spent the last two decades committed to its founding mission: putting pets first. To mark this Company milestone, Petcurean has launched an anniversary video at Petcurean.com, and... Read more →

Girls and Their Cats - New Book Release! #Giveaway

Girls and Their Cats - New Book Release! By BriAnne Wills, with Elyse Moody; Foreword by Molly Young 8 x 10 in, 176 pp; hardcover; full-color photographs throughout $24.95 Available August 20, 2019 “Time spent with a cat is never wasted,” said Colette. Photographer BriAnne Wills agrees and has made... Read more →

Renting with Pets: Which Are the Best Cities?

Renters who have pets need to go through a lot to make sure their little friends are allowed in the rental apartment. With so many people being pet owners, landlords and property managers are becoming less and less reluctant to allow pets in their buildings and apartments. As the trend... Read more →

10 Fascinating Facts About Iguanas

Guest author: James Alston ExoticDirect pet insurance have collected ten of the most interesting, funny, and downright weird facts about iguanas for your pleasure. So put the kettle on and prepare to be amazed (or at least mildly interested) by these wonderful animals... 1. Iguanas can get rather big The... Read more →