20 Tips for Mastering Care and Aquarium Setup for Red Tail Sharks

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Aqua Botanics: Cultivating a Lush Aquascape for Dwarf Gouramis

Image copyright: www.petsandanimalstips.com Natural Habitat and Preferences Hailing from the shaded, calm waters of South Asia, Dwarf Gouramis have an affinity for aquatic environments chock-full of plant life. This dense vegetation serves as hideouts and spawning grounds in the wild. An experienced aquarist at Pets and Animal Tips could give... Read more →

The Art of Betta Fish Breeding: Expert Tips and Secret Tactics

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5 Great Reasons To Get Fish

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Can Goldfish Live In a Bowl Without a Filter?

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The Beginner's Pocket Guide to Fishkeeping

Guest Author: Matt Leighton Fishkeeping can be one of the most exciting and easiest hobbies there is. While there are many misconceptions regarding the difficulty of caring for fish, it can be much easier than you'd think. If you're new to keeping fish and looking for advice on the best... Read more →