THERAPY CHICKENS: Let the Wisdom of the Flock Bring You Joy

Images copyright: Therapy Chickens Find encouragement and inspiration with 50 bits of wisdom from adorable, charming, and fluffy therapy chickens. Life can be profound but also funny, exasperating, and downright weird—much like living with a flock of hens. Drawing inspiration from her own flock, author Tedra Hamel’s charming chicken art... Read more →

Alfie & Me: What Owls Know, What Humans Believe, by Carl Safina, Ph.D

Image Copyright: Carl Safina When the ecologist Carl Safina took in a wounded baby screech owl, he expected that she’d be a temporary guest, just like other wild orphans he and his wife Patricia had rescued over the years. But the tiny creature—named Alfie—took a long time to heal. Carl... Read more →

Developed By A Veterinarian - Introducing ArmOR® Hand Gloves

Developed By A Veterinarian, ArmOR® Hand Gloves Provide Animal Handlers And Caregivers Much Needed Protection Against Bites And Scratches Unlike other bulky hand gloves ArmOR form-fitting, washable gloves are designed to provide the comfort, dexterity and protection needed to safely restrain and treat animals. Developed and designed to protect against... Read more →

Informative Children’s Book Tells Adventurous Tale Of Playful Puffin

Playful little puffin Árni is about to leave his burrow for a four-year adventure at sea. But Árni doesn’t want to go—at least not today. He wants one more day to play with his best friend Birta, but she is nowhere to be found. While Árni searches Iceland for Birta,... Read more →

Click with Your Chick! Clicker Training for Chickens!

Raising any animal requires training, and chickens are no exception. Chicken farmer and animal behavior specialist Giene Keyes has a program for training backyard chickens by rewarding positive behavior through use of a clicker. With this behavior method, chickens can be ordered go to the coop, perch on your arm,... Read more →

Fun-to-Build Projects for Happy and Healthy Chickens!

For the DIY crowd, raising chickens is a cost-saving activity that's not only sustainable, it is fun too! But providing the proper environment for backyard chickens is a critical component of this eco-friendly hobby, and it takes careful thought and consideration. Clear step-by-step color photographs guide the reader through each... Read more →