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4 Entertaining PC Games for Pet Fanatics

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There are moments when, even though we'd like to be, we can't be with our pets. For those moments, there are animal video games! We've scoured our game libraries for the best PC games that put our furry friends front and center.

Whether you like classic cats and dogs, pets of the fishier variety, or something altogether wilder, we've got you covered. Whether you're a marathon gamer or prefer a quick five-minute blitz in your lunch break, we've got something for you. So, are you ready to discover your new favorite animal game? Let's hop to it.

Animal Wilds

First up is a super quick play game designed by Bovada Gaming. It fits into the category of slot games at Bovada casino, centered around the theme of animals with additional elements of wild symbols, bonuses, and free spins. Fans of the film and television show Madagascar will adore the cute characters from this game. The adorable panda is the highest-paying symbol in this slot, alongside crocodiles, giraffes, polar bears, and even elephants joining him on the reels.

The game is surrounded by beautiful Amazonian scenery, with lush jungle plants. The dance music tune is interspersed with bongo drums, making the whole thing feel like exactly the kind of party that the animals from Madagascar would throw. We're not suggesting that panda bears make the best pets, but why not go a little wild with your online pet choice?



Next on the list is one that aqua scaping enthusiasts will love! Aquarist is one of the most realistic aquarium-building games, with all kinds of neat features. You play the game as a story, starting out with a simple fishbowl in your own bedroom and then slowly progressing through different levels. You'll keep aquariums for your friends for a while, then start up a small shop, and eventually progress to managing a full-size aquarium with a shark tank. To keep sizing up like this you'll need to complete jobs for clients, sell fish and aquatic plants, and even sell full aquariums.

The biggest joy in this game though, is creating the aquariums themselves. There are loads of different types of fish to choose from, from Gouramis to Goldfish and so much more. They're separated into saltwater and freshwater fish (so are the plants). Plus, everything has temperatures and acidity/alkalinity that it likes to live in. The game goes into such detail that it would almost be possible to plan an actual tank, just from playing!

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Planet Zoo

Another skip over to the wilder animals, this time for Planet Zoo. If you're the kind of gamer that likes sinking hours into video games then you are guaranteed to love this one. Planet Zoo allows you to create your dream zoo, right down to the tiniest details. There are super regular updates to this game, as well as frequent pack releases, allowing you to explore animals from all different habitats.

The most recent pack to be released is the farm pack, which features seven barnyard animals and endless new scenery items. So, if you've ever had dreams of opening a smallholding, now you can! There are Sussex chickens, Highland cows, donkeys, pigs, alpacas, sheep and goats. Plus, if you want to shake things up a bit, you can always throw a couple of tigers in for good measure.

Like Aquarist, Planet Zoo focuses on the hyperreal. Each of the animals needs to be in the correct environment in order to thrive. You'll have to get the basics such as the size of the habitat and the temperature right, but your animals will also benefit from being surrounded by the right type of foliage and proper enrichment equipment. You can even educate your guests on threats to the natural world, ensuring that they can understand the great conservation work you're doing.


The Red Lantern

Great games that revolve around dogs are surprisingly few and far between. Many are made for much younger audiences and end up being Tamagotchi levels of simplistic. Well, with The Red Lantern, it seems as though that curse has been well and truly lifted. This game puts you as the main character, a woman who decides that she and her husky are going to head out into the Alaskan wilderness. Once you get there, you'll need to choose four more dogs to complete your dog sledding team. This is going to dramatically impact your game, as each of the dogs has its own unique personality. With your team set, you're ready for adventure.

You'll come across lots of random scenarios in the wild, meeting owls, squirrels, wolves, and sometimes even bears. You'll need to hunt for meat to keep you and your dogs sustained in the wilderness. Plus, you'll need to get good at protecting yourself and the pack from any wild animals. It's a visually stunning game that dog lovers won't want to put down.