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You're Going to Fall in Love with Percy from Chongker Products!

Percy cover

Image copyright: Chongker

Recently a fairly new company, Chongker, sent me an Interactive Companion Pet, "Percy", a very life-like black and white cat.  The size and weight of Percy even felt like a real cat!  The magic though is the delightful mews, meows and purrs that Percy can do!



Percy is perfect for cat lovers who for one reason, or another, are unable to have a real cat in their home. Apartment restrictions, allergies or just not enough time to devote to a real cat.  How delightful it is to have Percy respond you your voice and your touch.  It truly is something special.  And therapeutic especially for seniors and those with dementia.  

  • Gifts for Seniors - Chongker companion pets brings comfort, companionship, and joy to our elders. Whether living in a senior community or at home, it offers the pleasure of pet companionship without the need for special care or feeding.  A companion pet is calming in moments of stress, overwhelming thoughts, and other powerful emotions.
  • Sensor-Based Real Cat Experience: With five built-in sensors, Chongker companion cat responds to touch in various ways, producing different sounds and purring. Stroke the cat's back and you can feel its heartbeat!
  • User-Friendly Design: We've made it more convenient to use. Chongker cat runs on rechargeable batteries, saving you the hassle of constantly replacing them. All the controls are integrated into the cat's paws, and the charging port is cleverly hidden away.
Chon8 Chon141The fur is very lifelike and the weight of Percy makes you feel that you have a real cat in your lap!  
I would totally recommend an Interactive Companion Pet from Chongker and you can have one too, with 10% off using code Lisapetblog10 at checkout. Percy1
To order your very own Percy, check out their website,