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4 Reasons You Should Get a Cat Cave for Your Cat

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Chances are you want your feline pet to feel like a family member, even if you are the only other member. Sleep and play have a significant role in ensuring your cat feels loved. One of the best ways to keep your cat happy and satisfied is getting them a cat cave. It's a cozy and enclosed bed that resembles a den or cave. Here are four reasons you should get one for your cat.

Reason #1: To Satisfy their Primal Instinct to Hide

While cats are domesticated and thus make excellent pets, they also reserve their primal instincts to hunt for prey through hiding and surprise tactics. Wild cats survived on prey, so cats had to be stealthy and remain out of clear sight. A cat cave simulates an environment that honors this primal instinct, even in domesticated settings. According to Four Paws International, a cat engages in about 10 hours of hunting behavior daily. A cat cave offers a nesting and sheltered spot to hide and be themselves. Cave1

Reason #2: To Keep Your Cat Warm

You may have noticed cats always pick the coziest spots in the house to relax. The simple explanation is their evolutionary history - cats trace their lineage to desert-dwelling wild cats whose bodies adapted to conserving energy. Cat caves are made with insulating materials such as New Zealand sheep wool that's soft and thick. According to the Brown Vet Hospital, warmth also helps the psychological state of a cat by providing comfort.

Reason #3: To Increase their Sense of Security and Safety

Like humans, cats seek out environments that offer safety and protection from potential threats. A secure and comfortable space allows cats to exhibit natural behaviors without fear of harm. Cat caves fulfill a cat's need for security by offering an enclosed nest-like space. A cat cave provides more than a bed to sleep in - it's a space to retreat and observe without exposure. Cave2

Reason #4: To Provide a Personal Space for Exploration

Cats are some of the most curious creatures in the world, so it's no surprise they want to find out what's underneath your couch covering. Instead of dealing with cat marks everywhere, you could give your cat a dedicated space to explore the world. A cat cave provides the cats with a marked territory where they can govern without worries of offending their host. Most cat caves are pet-friendly, thus allowing all types of play and exploration. 

Take Away

Cats have particular primal needs and instincts to consider when designing their living space. Simulating environments that consider all their needs ensures your cat feels at home and loved. Cat caves are an excellent way to create a home within your home, thanks to their design, pet-friendliness, and coziness. Visit Clearly Loved Pets and get your pet a heartfelt cat cave; it will surely reciprocate with love.