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Cleaning your pet’s teeth can be a pain, especially when your furry friend dodges the toothbrush and ends up with toothpaste all over their face. That's one of the reasons many pet owners don't brush their pet's teeth and instead rely on an annual dental visit to the vet.

However, according to a study cited in Today’s Veterinary Practice (TVP), plaque starts forming on teeth within 24 hours after a professional cleaning, and gum pockets can get reinfected within 2 weeks if home care isn't maintained. Moreover, the study highlights that just 3 weeks of neglecting home care can lead to gingivitis.

"When a pet has gingivitis, bacteria multiply in the mouth and oral tissues. These bacteria can enter the bloodstream, causing systemic illnesses in different parts of the body," explains Dr. Dar Radfar, a California Board Certified Dentist and a Member of the ADA and CDA. "The positive news is that regular oral care can decrease systemic diseases, kidney problems, liver issues, heart disease, oral pain, and numerous other pet illnesses," he adds.


The American Veterinary Medical Association emphasizes that routinely cleaning your pet’s teeth is the most effective way to keep their dental health in check between their annual dental cleanings.

“As pet owners, one of the toughest challenges we face is ensuring our pets' teeth stay clean because we care deeply about their well-being, says Dr. Radfar. "Some of our pets aren't too keen on having their teeth brushed. So, in response to my patients' concerns about finding an easy way to maintain their pets' dental health, I developed the RadPet Advanced Dental Hygiene Kit. It's an all-in-one solution designed to simplify dental care for both cats and dogs. With safe and effective ingredients, free from harmful chemicals, you can choose the dental cleaning method that works best for your pet."


The kit offers three options for keeping your pets' teeth clean. It includes a double-sided ergonomic toothbrush and mint-flavored enzymatic toothpaste. But for pets who see the toothbrush as a toy or the toothpaste as a snack, the kit also includes dental wipes infused with peppermint oil for easier cleaning. And for an even simpler teeth-cleaning method, there's a water additive for effortless maintenance of your furry friend's oral health. “Out of 450 survey reviews, 432 pet parents loved RadPet Dental Kit,” he adds.

You might wonder, why bother with pet dental cleaning if my pet seems to be fine? Well, here's the thing: a study published by TVP found that by the age of 2, about 80% of dogs and 70% of cats have some level of periodontal disease. It's even more common in small and toy breed dogs. As Dr. Radfar mentioned, periodontal disease is not just painful, it's also linked to more serious health issues. Dogs, in particular, are masters at hiding pain.  Another study by Dr. Larry Glickman at Purdue University, which included 120,000 dogs, half of whom had some form of periodontal disease, found a link between gum issues and heart problems. According to Glickman, "Our data clearly show a statistical connection between gum disease and heart disease in dogs."


Dr. Radfar is dedicated to raising awareness about dental health in pets. He has teamed up with multiple pet clinics across the US and Canada to offer the RadPet Advanced Dental Hygiene Kit to pet owners. This aims to prevent expensive health issues stemming from neglecting dental care for pets.

So, next time you notice your furry friend's breath isn't so fresh, think about giving their teeth a good clean at home. They'll thank you with plenty of tail wags or purrs, and you'll both enjoy many more happy years together.

About RadPet

RadPet is an innovative line of products meticulously crafted to keep dogs and cats’ teeth clean and healthy. Developed by RadHealth, a leading California-based dental practice spearheaded by Dr. Dar Radfar, a California Board Certified Dentist and esteemed member of the ADA and CDA. RadPet's dental solutions are not only safe but also highly effective, ensuring the well-being of both dogs and cats' oral health. For more information about RadPet Dental Kit please visit