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An aesthetic urn for pets’ ashes by Ukrainian startup Fluff Above launches on Kickstarter

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LLUMI for a day on the platform reached the amount of more than $5,000!

The Ukrainian brand of pet memorial products, Fluff Above, launches a flagship product. In its first day on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, LLUMI raised more than $5,000.



The aesthetic urn LLUMI is designed to keep the ashes of pets and makes it possible to visually preserve the memory of the tailed family member.

The purpose of LLUMI is a proposal for the public to modernize the way of honoring memory and soothing vivid emotions. With this message, the product launched on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform.

The mission of the product is to help pet parents survive emotional and physical losses, beautifully pay tribute to a home companion, and preserve the memory of a family member.


LLUMI is the world's first urn that catches the sun. It has a modern shape and elegant design. The design of the urn is an internal capsule for the ashes, which rests in an external aesthetic jacket. LLUMI is an innovative design, developed with the thought of emotional comfort, relief and intimate moment of pouring the ashes of a pet.

"Fluff Above team are personally pet parents who have experiences of love and loss, so we understand how pet parents feel when the moment comes to say goodbye. Our mission is to shift the focus from sorrow and despair from the end of the common path, that you are lucky enough to know the love of such a wonderful creature", says Pavlo Melnyk, co-founder of Fluff Above.



A feature of this product is its aesthetics and positive appearance, high-quality materials and creativity made the urn what you do not want to call the urn. LLUMI is presented on the Kickstarter platform in three finishes: the light urn Essence, the urn in an open natural tree, and the limited edition Sky Serenity.


In addition, the parameters of the urn are tailored for ashes up to 55 lbs / 25 kg of pet weight. The design includes reliable storage, protection from getting wet, and the eyes of strangers, since the design of LLUMI assumes complete compatibility of the urn with the modern interior of the house.

LLUMI was invented to change the cultural paradigm. From the perception of the urn sad and dark to the reminder that with your pet you enjoyed life and the urn will resemble bright moments. Since 66% (86.9 million homes) of households in the United States have pets and this percentage continues to grow, the decision to distribute this product carries an emotional burden to cope with the loss and contribute to the preservation of nature.

The Fluff Above brand is a project of PETSTAR.

PETSTAR is a Ukrainian platform that combines commercial projects and charitable initiatives. For 4 years, it developed as a pet store, and now they are engaged in the humanization of animals and about 30% of the profits are invested in charity projects and the development of a conscious pet-parent community.