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Who doesn't love fluffy pets lying in and around the house? If you love it too, you must learn about a few things before you bring a new puppy to your house. They can be your constant companion in your happy and sad phase. So, it is your responsibility as a dog owner that you take care of their needs.

If you are a new dog parent, you must be well aware of the most common dog accessories to keep your furry baby happy and healthy. So, let's know about the top 10 common dog accessories that you must have.

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Mandatory Accessories for a Dog Owner

The list of mandatory accessories for a dog owner is very long. However, things can also go great if an owner knows a minimal number of things. Here are the ten things that one should know.

1. Leash and Collar

Every dog owner needs to have this accessory at the top of their list. They must have this equipment to control the movement of dogs. However, a leash must be both flexible and sturdy. Either they are traditional and adjustable buckle collars, or they are martingale ones. However, it's necessary to opt for one with proper fitting and easy tag identification.

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2. Dog Bed

You would never want your pet to have an uncomfortable sleep. Therefore, get a comfortable and soft dog bed for your pet. Keep in mind the size and style of sleeping. If your pet has some joint issues, ensure that you get an orthopedic bed for it. These types of beds are great for senior dogs or dogs who have joint problems. You can get beds with added security on the sides to ensure safety.

3. Dog Harness

Not all the dogs or pups would be comfortable with dog leash and collars. They might have a sensitivity issue with their neck. You need to get a dog harness in such cases. They are good alternatives to dog leashes and collars.

They have many advantages, such as having an even distribution of pressure across the neck and chest. Moreover, they help decrease the strain on the neck of dogs and provide a better command. They should have adjustable straps and padding for the best results.



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4. Feeding Bowl

Just like humans have different vessels to feed, dogs also need their own feeding bowls. When choosing bowls for your dogs, it's important to opt for ones made from a durable and non-toxic material that is easy to clean. Stainless steel is a popular choice due to its bacteria-resistant properties, durability, and absence of harmful chemicals. Additionally, certain bowl designs can support better digestion and posture for your furry friends.

5. Dog Crate or a Carrier

When traveling or training your dog, it's important to have a reliable and comfortable crate or carrier. Make sure the crate provides plenty of space for your dog to lie down, turn around, and sit comfortably. Additionally, look for a crate that is constructed with sturdy materials and offers easy entry access and good ventilation.

6. Grooming Kit

Grooming is essential not only for humans but also for our furry friends. Taking care of your pet's grooming needs is important for their overall well-being. To keep your dog looking and feeling their best, there are a few key grooming essentials you should have on hand.

  • First, a nail clipper will help you maintain your dog's nails at a comfortable length. Regular brushing with a comb or brush will keep their coat healthy and free from tangles.
  • You may also consider using a grinder to trim their nails more gently if they're sensitive. When it comes to bathing, choose shampoos and conditioners specifically designed for dogs.
  • Additionally, regular ear cleaning with gentle ear wipes is important to prevent any buildup or infections. High-quality eye wipes can also be helpful in helping their eyes clean and healthy.
  • To protect against bacterial infections, include an anti-bacterial powder designed for dogs in your grooming kit. Grooming gloves can be a great addition, too, as they allow you to give your pet some extra love while removing loose fur.

7. ID Tag for Dogs

If your pet ever goes missing and you need help locating them, a dog ID tag can be incredibly useful. The tag should include important details such as the pet's name, your contact information, and any vital medications they may require. The best part is that these tags can easily be attached to your dog's collar. There are also numerous stylish designs available so that your furry friend looks cool while wearing them.

8. Dog Clothing

You could get a cute and protective set of clothes for your pet dogs. From sweaters to jackets, booties to others, your dog can have a wonderful wardrobe. Besides, these clothes can ensure additional warmth and protection for your dogs.

Shop for dog clothes for different weathers. Keep in mind the fabric and the comparability of the hair of dogs with the fabric. You can also get good quality shoes and accessories for your dogs that complement their clothing.

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9. Dog Toys

To prevent your dogs from getting bored, consider providing them with interactive puzzles, games, and chew toys. These can help stimulate their minds and alleviate boredom. Moreover, chew toys also contribute to maintaining their dental health. Remember to choose toys that are suitable for your dog's size and chewing habits, ensuring durability and safety.

10. Dog Training Supplies

You will keep your dog under protection in all cases. There are some emergency cases for which you need to prepare your dogs. For instance, you need to teach them to run, respond to commands, and many other things.

Therefore, choose the best equipment, such as clickers, pouches, and long-term training. These supplies would help in teaching commands, positive strengthening, and physical stimulation.

Have you ever thought about what the paws of dogs go through while going through hot pavement or tough roads? Get a good set of paw butter to reduce friction and ensure a smooth journey on the roads.


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Raising a dog as a baby is not so difficult unless the owner doesn't know about the main requirements. This write-up has shared the main accessories mandatory for a dog owner. Once you have them, you can give the best to your fluffy companions. Dogs as pets need some basic care, for which some mandatory accessories have been shortlisted here.