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Adoption of a pet is a very serious step that should be thought through carefully. Pretty often, the main and the only motivation people have is a love for animals. When you look at a fluffy little pumpkin that is lying on your lap or can be placed just on your palm, you feel like an overprotective mom or dad. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s a kitten, hamster, doggy or a hairy spider. When people adopt a particular type of animal, they are usually ready and understand the whole responsibility. But as you can guess, sometimes the reasons can be not only love. So, let’s find out what other motivation students can have when adopting a pet.          

Pets can help to reduce stress.

It’s not a surprise that one of the most typical states that students have during college years is stress. It can be caused by different reasons. The amount of student loan that you will have to pay after graduation, the pressure from family and society to find a good job, and sometimes the problems with social adaptation can also be the reason for stress in college; if you cannot fit into any social group, studying in college can turn into torture. Sometimes, even such small issues as having too much homework can cause problems. And sometimes, emotional problems faced by students can turn into health issues faced by students. So, it’s necessary to understand the importance of stress and find a way to deal with it. Actually, there are a lot of studies proving that interaction with cats and dogs can release stress and help to decrease the level of cortisol.

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Owning a pet develops responsibility.

Sometimes, students decide to adopt a pet because they understand that they lack responsibility. If you have a plant, you can just water it twice a week, and everything will be okay, but for a little creature that completely depends on you, this is a whole new level of responsibility. And if you manage to develop it in yourself, it will considerably help during studies and work. Let’s imagine you have several essays to write, but you can see that under no circumstances you will be on time and will meet the deadline. A responsible student will find the best way to solve this problem, for example, by asking for help or ordering these essays from a writing service. The only thing it is important to consider is that not all the services are reliable and first you have to do your research and only then an order. For example, you decided to use All Assignment Help, and their website looks nice, but only after reading will you understand that reviews are very important and you have to consider them when choosing the service. It is easy to notice that people who have pets can be more understanding and show more empathy towards others because every day they have to deal with animals that cannot talk and explain what they want; so these people develop the ability to understand the emotions of others even when they are not saying directly what they want.


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When having a pet, you don’t feel lonely.

For many students, one of the most difficult things is to get used to living alone. That is why your favorite guinea pig can become a perfect companion and that “link” thanks to which you feel connected to your family as if it was living with you back at home. Pets were actually like a life jacket during the pandemic of COVID-19 when people had to do social distancing and were feeling incredibly lonely. As many studies show, the feeling of loneliness can sometimes turn into serious obsessive-compulsive disorders, manias, social anxiety, and other mental problems. Sometimes, it happens that after spending a long time without any social interactions, a person starts feeling awkward and uncomfortable when they have to deal with a lot of people.   

Pets can help you to make friends.

Pets are loveable; that is why we all sometimes stop to pet some doggy or say hi to a cat that is sitting on the window. Animals can be a real magnet for humans, making us speak with a strange voice that we use only for cute pets, and it’s very difficult not to smile when you see a husky “talking” to the owner, a cat that is trying to play with your hand or a parrot that is good at speaking. Pet owners are usually more open and easy to communicate; they make new friends almost every day and have a wide social circle. Such skills, depending on your future career, can be very helpful, especially if you are planning to work with people.  


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