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Native Pet Dog Supplements Review 2023 – Do They Really Work?

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By: Lisa Fimberg

Dogs are beloved members of our families, and we want to ensure that they live long and healthy lives. Nowadays, there are a plethora of healthy and fresh dog food options available, which can be overwhelming to navigate. Similarly, dog supplements are becoming increasingly popular among pet parents for a variety of reasons. From probiotics and digestive aids to dental chews, there are many natural and healthy ways to improve a dog's immune system. 

The pet supplement market has become as competitive as dog food, as pet owners are becoming more aware of the benefits of supplements for their furry friends. However, with so many options available, it can be challenging to choose the best supplements for your dog. Don't worry, though - we've done the work for you!

One of the more popular, high-quality brands, Native Pet, offers limited-ingredient, clean supplements that are formulated by top veterinary experts. Native Pet not only offers supplements for your pup, but also meal enhancers, as well as allergy and joint issue products for your dog’s overall wellness.

If you are looking to add supplements to your dog’s diet, we highly recommend Native Pet.


What You Need to Know About Native Pet

Native Pet was founded in 2017 by pet owners who were unable to find natural and healthy pet supplements that met their standards. Frustrated by the lack of options, they decided to take matters into their own hands and create natural, veterinarian-approved supplement products for dogs. Native Pet collaborates with nutritionists, veterinarians, and food specialists to develop healthy and effective pet supplements using only the necessary ingredients. Their products never include additives and contain no more than five inactive ingredients.

Native Pet also works with manufacturing specialists to help formulate their products and keep them fresh. Their USA-made products have a shelf-life of up to two years.

For example, all of their soft chew products are slow-cooked and also air-drive to help keep them fresh and preserve the nutrients. Even their packaging is recyclable, and the company makes donations to animal shelters.

All of Native Pet’s formulas include human-grade whole food ingredients. They only use chicken in their recipes and not chicken flavor. The same can be said of their beef products.

Native Pet also offers great customer service and support through email and/or text. You can get free shipping when you spend $35 or more.


Native Pet’s Supplements and Meal Enhancers in Detail

While Native Pet offers a variety of supplements and meal enhancers, we are covering in detail their top three products for dog owners.

Native Pet’s Organic Probiotics


Native Pet provides organic probiotic supplements that can be added to your dog's diet. Our probiotics can help alleviate your dog's upset stomach and restore gut health after antibiotic treatment. They also improve your pup's overall immune system and gut health.

We like that Native Pet’s probiotics are formulated by board-certified veterinary nutritionists who specialize in dog’s gut health. Their probiotics also help sensitive stomachs, long term gut health and even travel stress.

Native Pet's probiotics are designed in powder form to maintain the potency of their ingredients and prevent over-processing. This texture makes it easier for dogs to consume and digest. In addition, Native Pet's probiotics contain prebiotics that promote healthy gut flora and boost the immune system.

Their probiotics have four different types of bacterial strains (the good, healthy bacteria), pumpkin, artichoke, and even bone broth.

Price: $29.99 for an 8.2 oz bottle


Native Pet’s Yak Chews


Looking for a healthy and mess-free chew for your furry friend? Native Pet has got you covered with their organic yak chews that are made from certified organic yak and cow's milk. These chews have a softer texture that is easier on your dog's teeth and can keep them occupied for a long time. Plus, the high protein content and easy digestibility make them a healthy option for your pup.

The yak chews come in four different sizes – small, medium, large, and extra-large to match the size of your dog. Not only do they have protein – but there is no odor to them, and they will keep your dog pre-occupied for many hours!

Price: $14.99 for 5 small chews


Native Pet’s Pumpkin Powder


Native Pet offers pumpkin powder for dogs, made with organic pumpkin, pumpkin seed, and organic apple. This powder is perfect for dog owners looking for a natural way to improve their dog's digestive health. The powder can help relieve diarrhea, constipation, and upset stomachs. Simply sprinkle it over your dog's food or mix it with water to make a puree. It can even be frozen as a treat or baked into a doggy bone. Dogs love the flavor and gobble it up! And good news - the powder has a long shelf life of up to two years.

Price: $19.99 for 8 ounces.

Native Pet’s Pros and Cons


  • They offer a large variety of limited-ingredient supplements as well as meal enhancers
  • Use only responsibly sourced clean ingredients with no filler or preservatives.
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Formulated by veterinarians
  • You can save 10% for auto-shipping
  • Customers seem very happy with their products


  • The prices are a little higher than most
  • Their soft chews are only available in chicken and not any other protein


Customer Testimonials:

“I love Native Pet. I know that their supplements are high quality and built to provide results. I never have to second guess whether Native Pet is going to be the best product for my dogs. We use their probiotics and supplements regularly and won’t go to another brand.” Morgan M

“I use Native Pet products on a regular basis for my pups. We love the dehydrated pumpkin powder and the probiotic powder as well as the calming chews and omega oil. Native Pet truly has something for every pet! I love feeling like I’m giving my dogs a boost in nutrition every time I mix in some of their supplements.” Ashton M

“Adding Native Pet’s pumpkin powder to my dog’s meals helped decrease the frequency of upset tummy and her poop is perfect. This is my second can and will now keep this as a staple for her meals.” Carla G

Native Pet: Our Final Verdict

If you are looking for a supplement to add to your dog’s diet, we think Native Pet is a really good choice. While their products tend to be a bit pricier, we like that their ingredients are natural, and have really few additional ingredients. And that they are formulated by board-certified veterinarians.

We also like how they have a variety of supplements and meal enhancers that pretty much cover all ailments. In a clean and healthy way.

Customers love it and, more importantly, so do my dogs.


What are Native Pet’s Bladder Chews for?

If you want to support your dog's bladder and urinary tract, bladder chews are a great option. They can also improve your dog's kidney function. These chews are particularly beneficial for older dogs.

Can you get your money back if you’re unhappy with their product?

If you or your dog are not satisfied with a product from Native Pet, they offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

How much do you have to spend to get free shipping?

You need to spend $35 for automatic shipping, plus you’ll get an additional 10% off for auto renewal.

What age can you give your dog Calm Chews?

If your dog is over six months old, you may wish to try using calming chews. These chews are designed to help alleviate anxiety in situations such as travel, fireworks, or during storms, when your dog may become scared.