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Vitakraft's Puzzler Treat Dispensing Toy: The Perfect Gift for National Pet Month

Blank 2000 x 1500 (57)To coincide with National Pet Month this month of May, the renowned pet food brand Vitakraft® has just launched its first-ever toy: The Puzzler Treat Dispensing Toy. Specifically designed for cats, this pink, wobbling puzzle ball toy is a delightful way to reward your feline's hard work, dispensing yummy treats as they play.

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You will receive a free fun-sized bag of Vitakraft Meaty Morsels cat treats with every puzzler toy, and it is also refillable with other Vitakraft treats. The toy is available at an affordable price point of $9.98 SRP and is being launched in 600 Walmart locations across the U.S. for a limited time. This exciting new toy is an excellent way to stimulate your beloved cats and treat them to some delicious snacks during National Pet Month.

The Puzzler Treat Dispensing Toy not only offers entertainment for cats — it also provides mental stimulation. The bowl shape and tilt stopper allow cats to use their paws to forage for treats while the toy wobbles, engaging their natural instincts. Moreover, the bowl can be refilled, and the promise of a reward ensures that cats remain interested for extended periods. This innovative toy is an excellent way to keep your feline companion mentally stimulated and entertained in a safe and rewarding manner.


“Foraging is an important environmental enrichment activity that will keep your cat active and mentally challenged for a happier, longer life,” says Certified Feline Training & Behavior Specialist Molly DeVoss. “The Vitakraft Puzzler Treat Dispensing Toy is a unique new product that not only offers cats treats but also a challenge.”

The Puzzler Treat Dispensing Toy comes with a free, fun-sized bag of Meaty Morsels in Chicken Recipe with Pumpkin, which can also be purchased separately. Meaty Morsels can be found in Chicken Recipe with Pumpkin, which contains added Taurine to promote healthy eyes and heart, and Chicken Recipe with Salmon, which contains added Omega-3 to promote healthy skin and coat.

A unique cat treat that’s moist, tender, and bite-sized, Meaty Morsels are made from a high-protein chicken base formula, making them soft enough for cats of all ages to chew. Their formula is made up of over 70% real meat, with two layers of meaty goodness and a savory center, great for using as a pill poclet. At the end, the Meaty Morsels are gently oven roasted for the perfect texture. They’re free of artificial colors, making them a safe treat option for cats. Full-sized refill bags are available at an SRP of $2.99.For refilling the Puzzler Treat Dispensing Toy, Vitakraft PurrSticks are also an excellent option. Made with real meat and premium ingredients, Purrsticks are a nutritious and tasty snack for cats. With over 70% meat content and gently oven-roasted ingredients produced in small batches, PurrSticks are sure to please your precious kitties.

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The treats are segmented with marks that make them easy to break apart and portion, which allows one stick to be broken into multiple pieces to be placed inside the Puzzler Treat Dispensing Toy. PurrSticks have a chewy texture and are free from artificial colors and flavors and are safe for cats aged three months and older. They’re available in two flavors: Chicken Recipe and Chicken Recipe with Salmon, and sold in 5-packs for an SRP of $3.99.

Another popular treat in the Vitakraft line is the award-winning and bestselling Lick ‘n’ Lap line. This line includes lickable treats in three textures — creamy Snacks, Meaty Gravy, and Smooth Jelly — and two flavors — chicken and salmon. This broad variety makes it possible for nearly every cat to find a favorite.

The Lick ‘n’ Lap treats are more than just tasty — the handfeeding format also makes them great for training and bonding. This can help to promote positive bonding between you and your cat. They come in 5-packs of single-serve tubes for an SRP of $3.99.

The launch of Vitakraft’s new Puzzler Treat Dispensing Toy is an exciting moment for the brand, as they dip their toes in a new arena of pet products. Like all Vitakraft products, these puzzler toys are made with quality in mind. Vitakraft is proud to be releasing to the public a toy that is fun for cats while also mentally enriching them.

Learn more about Vitakraft at ​www.vitakraft.us/cats, on Facebook (Vitakraft USA), and on Instagram (@VitakraftUS).

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