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What better way to commemorate your dog’s annual trip around the sun than with a fun birthday party? Whether your furry friend is turning one or 12, a birthday shindig is sure to get its tail wagging, especially if there’s dog-friendly fare and fun games involved. Moreover, your pooch will be able to spend quality time with you and its four-legged pals. Read on for tips on how to plan your dog’s birthday party.

1. Choose a Location

When it comes to selecting the right venue, consider a familiar location where your pet feels comfortable. This may be a local dog park or beach. These options are great ways to meet new pet owners if they join in on the fun. If you have a good-sized yard, your home may be the best and least expensive option. Ensure that the yard is fenced in so that the canines don’t accidentally get loose.

Alternatively, you may be able to rent a space at your local doggy daycare for a few hours. You can even ask a friend or family member to use his or her space. Keep in mind the birthday gathering doesn’t have to be a fancy affair.

2. Select a Theme

A fun theme can take your dog’s birthday bash to the next level. Don’t be afraid to go wild, colorful or quirky. Choose a theme that sounds fun and suits your dog’s personality. You can even take inspiration from your canine’s favorite show, food or toy. Examples of themes include a backyard barbeque, tea party, movie night, country fair, pet pamper party, luau, black tie affair, costume party and more.

Don’t forget the decorations! Include balloons, streamers, banners and other decorations to amp up your dog’s special day. You could even blow up photos of your pup and hang them around the venue. Alternatively, you can keep it causal and stick to a few decorations and party hats.



3. Find Birthday Attire

Birthday attire can make the soiree extra festive. Consider getting party hats for dog and human guests. You can also get your pup dressed up with a birthday outfit. Try personalizing it with your pet’s name for a special touch. If your dog doesn’t tolerate clothing well, feel free to skip the outfit.

4. Make a Guest List

Invite the pet parents that you know and their dogs. This may include family members, friends, neighbors and even your canine’s favorite pals from the dog park. Most pet parents love letting their dogs socialize and burn some energy. However, be sure to let them know how many dogs are likely to attend.

Consider if you want children to attend the party. If there are many dogs attending, it may be wise to keep small children in a separate area so they can be adequately supervised. 



5. Serve Dog-Friendly Treats

What’s a party without delicious food? Consider serving dog-friendly treats such as pupcakes, pupsicles, biscuits, kibble, bully sticks, and chopped carrots and apples. Most importantly, be sure to get a dog-friendly birthday cake. You can either buy one from a bakery or bake one yourself. Most recipes have ingredients that you likely have on hand.

Additionally, keep plenty of water bowls around so that the pooches stay hydrated. This is especially important if they’re outside on a hot summer day. Equally important, be sure to have a nice spread of food for the human guests, too!

6. Play Party Games

Add some excitement to the bash with some party games and activities. For example, you can turn your backyard into a waterpark for the pooches with sprinklers, kiddie pools and a waterslide. Moreover, you can also set up a homemade obstacle course. Get creative by building some jumps and tunnels out of PVC pipe and storage boxes.

With a bit of planning and effort, you can throw the perfect birthday bash for your furry friend. Consider these helpful tips to make your canine’s special day a memorable one!

Author bio: Krista Green is Marketing Manager at Green Pet. As a dog-mom herself, Green knows the responsibility it takes to care for our pets. After years in media, she brought her editorial efforts to the pet industry and loves that Green Pet stands for putting our pets and the planet first.


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