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5 Things You Should Know About Building an Outdoor Doghouse By Yourself

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Building an outdoor doghouse isn’t that hard of a task. It is certainly a fun task and you can provide your dog with a nice cozy home. You don’t need to have any construction experience or an entire workshop full of tools to do this, but you do have to calculate a few things and consider a few aspects that you didn’t know about. So, if your furry friend is in need of an outdoor house, let’s see how you can do it. 

Determine Its Primary Purpose

In order to plan for the materials, size, and look of the doghouse, you have to look into its purpose. If you believe your dog will spend most of the time outside, then the doghouse should definitely serve the purpose of a shelter. This means it has to be big and sturdy. On the other hand, you might just want to provide extra space for your dog to go and relax or simply provide extra shade during the summer. Also, consider the climate in your area to help you define the purpose of the house. With all this in mind, you can start preparing the materials and start building. 

Quality Materials

When it comes to materials, you can choose whatever you want as long as it’s of high quality. You don’t want a shabby doghouse that could collapse any minute to weather. You can match the design of the doghouse to your house, or simply go for something more simple and look into traditional doghouses. It is up to you. What matters here is the materials. The best option here is to go for wood, more specifically cedar or treated plywood. These are the best woods when it comes to resisting moisture and rotting. Anything you choose should be able to last and provide safety and protection. If you have any leftover lumber or plywood, do not use them because these are not sturdy enough anymore and you are risking your dog’s safety. 


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Add Insulation

Just like your house, your dog’s house should be warm in the winter and cool in the summer. To achieve this, it’s best to insulate the roof and the walls of the house. You can easily use home-building products such as foam board or fiberglass insulation. You can also rely on the sandwich insulation between the interior and exterior walls for extra safety. If you are unsure which type of insulation to use for your dog’s house, you can easily click here and find out about the types and various valuable tips. Just make sure to provide insulation and your dog will be safe and sound.

Get the Size Right

Just like a dog crate, the house should be the right size so your dog can comfortably fit in. Even if you have a puppy, you should consider how big will it get when it’s fully grown. To figure out the size, your dog should be able to fully stand up, turn around and lie down comfortably inside it. Simply, get your dog and measure its length and height if it’s fully grown. If it is not, you can research how big the dog can get and work with those measurements. When you’ve got all the measurements, make sure to leave room on each side so your dog can be comfortable inside the house no matter what it’s doing. 

Make It Mobile

Last but not least, make the doghouse mobile. Most people think that the doghouse should be fixed in one place. However, there are so many reasons why you might want to or even have to move it. Maybe you will be moving to another house, or you want to rearrange the backyard, so consider such situations when building the dog house. The easier it is to move, the better for all of you. 


You don’t have to be an expert in construction to build a doghouse. You just need a bit of patience, some research and the right materials. As soon as you get those, you will see how easy this is and your pup will be thrilled. 

Depositphotos_58805643_L(Image from Deposit Photos)