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Oral hygiene is an important part of your dog’s overall health. Plaque can build up and harden into tartar which can then need to be professionally removed by a veterinarian. The accumulation can lead to periodontal disease and bacteria growth. Early indicators of plaque build-up are yellow plaque along the gum line and bad breath. Plaque feeds on carbohydrates and sugars. Many common fillers in today’s pet foods (ex. kibble and grain-based treats) are the perfect recipe for rapid plaque growth.

Prevention is the best solution for your dog’s health. How did their wild ancestors prevent plaque and tartar build-up? They chewed on natural chews to help remove tartar after mealtime similar to how humans use a toothbrush. Chewing is a natural behavior for your dog. It helps relieve stress by releasing endorphins, removing plaque, and reducing bad breath.

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Our top five NATURAL dental chew picks for dogs
These chews are 100% natural and contain no additives, preservatives, salts, coloring, or fillers. Just as nature intended.


Antlers are a natural chew made by nature and naturally shed yearly from moose, elk, deer, and caribou every year. This is a durable, long lasting chew that encourages gnawing and can help scrape plaque buildup on teeth. If your dog is new to antler chews, moose paddles and split elk are a softer introductory antler chew option to try out first.


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Hide Rolls

Entire cow hide rolls include all layers of the dermis including connective tissue and even hair! These are a healthier chew option in comparison to the artificially colored and glued rawhide rolls commonly seen in grocery stores. Whole hides are natural and hair can actually aid in gut health and help remove parasites in the GI tract. Chewy Pawz has natural cowhide rolls that do not contain lyes, coloring, salts, or preservatives. These are durable chew options that can help keep teeth clean.

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Tracheas are great for helping remove tooth plaque and are a moderate to easy chew. Their natural shape also makes for a great enrichment chew. Stuff your trachea with your dog’s favorite treats and freeze for an even longer lasting chew and fun activity to keep your dog busy and teeth clean. Tracheas are also a joint healthy chew high in glucosamine and chondroitin.

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Cow Ears

Cow ears are a rawhide alternative that dogs love. Try natural cow ears with the hair for a 100% natural chew that has not been chemically stripped of its natural benefits! These are a moderate chew that can help keep your dog’s teeth pearly white. Hair can also provide a natural source for manganese, an important trace mineral for dogs.

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Raw Bones

Avoid cooked bones which can splinter and be unsafe for your pet. Raw bones are natural chews dogs have evolved to love and gnaw on while naturally keeping their teeth scraped clean. Weight-bearing bones are a durable option that encourages gradual gnawing.

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