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Would you like to add a furry companion to your home? If a small breed of dog is more suitable for your home, or you simply like small dogs, here are some of the tiniest breeds of dogs that you can consider.


Although chihuahuas are tiny, they are sure not to be missed. They do great when they spend a lot of quality time with their owners and are smart animals that have fun personalities. Some chihuahuas will have an outgoing personality and others will be more laid-back and timid. They can get along with families but something to note is that they are a bit too small to be handled by small kids. They can have long or short coats, which require different levels of grooming - and of course, they are extremely cute.

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Shih Tzu

These tiny dogs are happy, outgoing, and loving towards their owners. The name Shih Tzu originally means 'little lion'. That name may be reflective of Shih Tzus' small size and fluffy fur, but it is certainly the opposite when it comes to their character. Shih Tzus are good with children as long as they are handled gently. They come in many colors, and their long, unique coats, often require a lot of grooming - which may be enjoyed by some owners, while others may prefer a lower maintenance breed. Nevertheless, Shih Tzus are certainly very cute and friendly animals that can be a great addition to any family.


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Pomeranians are adorable breeds with distinct and energetic personalities. They are also intelligent and learn commands easily and with enthusiasm. They are not ideal for small children, but can still do great with families. These small, lovely dogs benefit from regular brushing and grooming. These dogs are sure to brighten up anyone's day with their cheerful temperament and playful nature.

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Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire terriers can make the perfect tiny companions. They are playful and sociable, and often times feisty, so they do not get along with small children. However, they are dogs that love attention and affection, and can be a loyal companion. They can also make great watchdogs. Their coat requires maintenance, so anybody looking to buy a Yorkshire terrier should be aware of this. They can however make a playful and loving addition to a household.


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Toy Poodle

Did you know that poodles were among the smartest dog breeds? Toy poodles are tiny dogs that are exceedingly intelligent, personable, and eager to please their owner. They also are agile and learn commands quickly as puppies. This makes them easy to train and good with children. Regular professional grooming is recommended for this breed to keep their beautiful coat in tip-top shape. Miniature poodles are the perfect breed if you are looking for a smart, adorable, and loyal companion.

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Are You Looking to Buy a Small Dog?

If you are looking to buy a small dog, there are various factors to consider in deciding which one is right for you. You need to pick the right dog for your home and your lifestyle. If you have children, that is certainly an aspect to consider as well. Additionally, you will want to consider how much time and effort you are willing to spend on your new furry companion. Remember that every dog will require initial training. Further, getting a dog comes with a variety of costs, including dog food, vet bills, potential pet insurance, and more. If you are considering getting pet insurance for your pet, you can visit a provider such as Petsure for more information. Getting a dog is a commitment that will last many years, so before you get one, ensure that you are ready and that you do your research about whether getting a dog is right for you. 

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