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Getting a pet is a wonderful experience. If you don’t know what you are getting into, on the other hand, it can be a misadventure. There are pros and cons to pet ownership, but the pros will always outweigh the cons.

Pet ownership is a wonderful minefield filled with surprises, for better and for worse. From cleaning their fur in the kitchen sink to poop-a-scooping in your backyard, having a pet comes with all manner of new experiences. You get to enjoy the tender moments like having them fall asleep on you. The flip side is that you also get to endure the bad parts, like bad news at the vet or when they run away from home.

Pet Ownership: The Pros and Cons

Sure, they might make a mess, but you can always order pet odor carpet cleaning services. And yes, they might get hair all over your good dinner jacket on the way out to a meal, but you can always brush it off. To make the decision over that potential new family member easier for you, let’s break pet ownership down into the pros and the cons.

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The Pros of Pet Ownership

Some of the top reasons to own a pet are as follows.

The Welcome

Even the smallest dog breeds will welcome you home with more intensity than you have ever been welcomed home with before. Cats will welcome you, and most pets will be happy to see you even if it is only for the food. 

The Love and Affection

If you live alone, buying a dog or a cat helps turn your house into a family home. They offer us love and affection and in return we feed them and give them a warm bed. 

The Protection

There is a phenomenon known colloquially as ‘scary dog privileges’. Young women use this phrase to describe the freedom of walking alone at night due to the company of a scary dog. Dogs are noisy and off-putting to burglars. 

The Family

Kids and animals go hand in hand. Every kid deserves the experience of growing up alongside a cherished pet. Dogs are a firm favorite, but cats live just as long.

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The Cons of Pet Ownership

There are far fewer cons to pet ownership than there are pros.

The Cost

Pets are not cheap. If you want to keep a pet, price their food, their medical expenses, and their living costs. They will need toys, entertainment, and even clothing. Insurance is a must-have for any pet.

The Allergies

Pet hair allergies affect between 15-30% of all Americans. Get around this by getting an American Hairless Terrier or buying an aquarium.

The Final Days

Just as our pets bring us the best days of our lives, they bring some of the worst. The day we must let them go is the day we lose part of our family. It’s a terrible pain that never leaves you. Does it outweigh all the pros of pet ownership? That’s for you to decide.

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