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Having a dog is one of the best feelings in the world – you have a best friend to share so many good moments with! So of course, you want to make sure your dog is happy. But how do know if your dog really is happy, or if there’s something wrong or missing from their life? Here are three key tell-tale signs that your dog is content and that you’re doing things right.

Body Language

One of the easiest ways to tell if your dog is happy is to look at their body language. Body language is key to understanding your dog’s emotions, as it is the physical representation of how they’re feeling inside, and so you should be able to interpret it with decent accuracy.

For example, happy dogs generally seem to have a fairly relaxed posture – you can’t see any tension in his figure, and his face seems relaxed rather than on edge. Bonus points if your dog is on their back – showing you their belly means they feel fully comfortable with you and trust you!

If your dog is showing hard eyes, perhaps eyes that are too wide or too narrow, as well as ears that are perked up consistently, this suggests that they might have difficulty relaxing. The same goes for a dog that has their tail tucked between their legs.

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Eating Right

Another great indicator is that your dog is eating right. Dogs that will eat their food happily, as well as the occasional treat of course, generally show signs that they’re happy. If your dog tends to avoid eating or stop eating altogether, however, this is a sign that something may be wrong.

It may be a simple explanation – perhaps your dog is picky and doesn’t like the food you’re giving them. It’s important to ensure that you’re feeding your dog tasty, healthy food, so that they feel happy and strong. Going for natural pet food like Applaws is a good way to ensure you’re feeding your dog the right food. However, if they still have difficulty, it may suggest they have a more serious issue that should be investigated by your vet.

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Eager to Play

Play is a huge part of a dog’s life, and it’s important that your dog is eager to play and enjoy life! Play is not only good for their happiness levels, but many other reasons, such as keeping their mind busy and working. Seeing your dog get excited about play or spending time with you is an important indicator of their happiness.

Playing with other dogs happily is also a good sign that they are happy. Dogs are pack animals and generally like to interact with others (unless they have experienced a traumatic event with other dogs in the past). Seeing them make friends in the park or generally be relaxed around other dogs is a good sign that they are happy.

Observing your dog for these three key signs will help you figure out whether your dog is happy or if they need some TLC.


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