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Chew-Proof Dog Beds ~ Are They Worth It?

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Dogs are the best gift to humanity, let’s just get that out of the way. They provide abundant warmth and serenity to every home they are given shelter in. This, therefore, validate the need for them to live the most comfortable life with an apt amount of love. This becomes our responsibility to provide them with the best of products, from the basics to the fanciest.

Speaking of basic needs, let us speak of the bed where they will spend most of their lazy time on, snoozing or caressing around. Often times the bed that they lay around becomes the most obvious target for them to chew and scratch with no mercy.

This makes it tough for owners to maintain a good living space for them. Hence the marketed perfection – Chew-proof dog beds are the most sought option nowadays. Let’s give this product a good look to find out are these chew-proof beds even worth it?

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Why do dogs really chew?

People often consider it as one of those 'mislearned' and 'indiscipline' habits of dogs, when they chew and bite objects around the house. But the need for dogs to continue these particular habits is inbuilt and based on genetics. Dogs can chew when they have nothing else to do or even when they are anxious or nervous. Sometimes over-chewing might also be perceived as the reason for their unhappiness. This might or might not be the case since there are different ways to know if your dog is happy or not, and chewing could not be a definite reason.

Especially at the age when they start teething, habits like chewing, drooling, biting, etc. are very evidently seen. Providing them with chew toys is the best solution to decrease this tendency and can cease the intensity of destruction that might entail.


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What to do if your dog is chewing a lot?

Dogs can exhibit the behavior of chewing when they are stressed or show boredom or/and anxiety. When this happens, they can also be seen being at the edge all the time. This can be hazardous for them, if not cared for. It is advised to have chew-resistant products around the house.

Dogs with certain emotional energy can be all over the place and might end up hurting themselves. Therefore, getting pet insurance the moment you own a pet is a necessity. If you don’t already have it, you can look into pet insurance that covers pre-existing conditions. This could be a good deal for not only financial relief for you, but can really benefit your paw-friend to get the best medical aid if needed in the future.

What is the need for chew-proof dog beds?

No matter how adorable and life-giving dogs are, no one can deny the fact that they can be very destructive sometimes. Even the novice little puppies have a learning habit of chewing things. You can train your dog all you want and your dog might still won’t be able to be diligent in this case. This innate nature of dogs can end up crushing the quality and sustainability of the beds you provide them.

To avoid that, chew-proof dog beds are readily available on the market and are resistant to most, if not all sort of damage that your pet can ensue. The material that the beds are made up of is legitimate in making it resilient and stout.

Are chew-proof beds worth the buy?

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There is not much mystic controversy surrounding the need for a chew proof bed. The purchase of this category bed might cost a little more than a conventional pet bed but is considered a good investment. The material by which they craft the chew-proof bed is strong, resilient, and made out of tough fibers but, at the same time, it does not compromise on quality.

Since animals, especially dogs, are very inclined towards chewing any given surface, it rather should be clean and sanitized. It is a great purchase in that sense as well since cleaning the chew-proof bed is way more facile than it might seem. Dogs need a bed that makes them feel safe but is worth the money and could be sustained in the long run. Chew-proof beds are the perfect gain.

Even though chewing can be a little too irritating, it is something that every dog owner has to go through, at many different stages of their pet's life. Getting a chew-proof bed can definitely release headaches, in that case.

Final Words

There you go! Is chew proof bed the best gift you give to your pet? Is it worth it? You are the one who decides now. Love for your pet could not be evident only by cuddles or kisses. You can shower your love by providing them with the best of products that can promise them a secure time.

But yet again, you need to be mindful of where you invest your finances, and whether it is the best option in the long run. Chew proof bed could be a very smart choice for you, especially if you have just adopted a puppy.

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