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5 Rare Cat Breeds You've Probably Never Heard Of

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We love cats. Cats are wonderful, kind, loving, curious, and absolutely hilarious creatures. They make us laugh whether it is an adorable kitten house cat, or if it is a fully grown wild tiger. 

From the common tabby house cat to the kinkalow, every cat, domesticated or wild, had a big place in our hearts. 

When we think of cats, we typically think of the cute ones in ‘cute cat’ videos, we tend not to think of Lions, Tigers, Minx, Jaguar, Leopards, Cheetah, Bobcats, and so on. But, these are all cats too. 

However, today, while we focus on the task of introducing you to breeds of cat you may have never heard of, we will focus on the house cat breeds, or at least the ones most well integrated with humanity.

We have 5 curious kitties which you don’t see often, and are unlikely to see at your local rescue center. These cats are often kept in homes, but are much more rare than the cats we usually see or associate with being house cats. We also have some wild kitties in our list

We also have a bonus cat for you, one that few people, especially in the western world, will ever have heard of. 

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#1. Savannah Cats

Savannah cats are a first, these cats are wild cats, they were first recognized by TICA (The International Cat Association) back in 2012. 

These kitties are known to be adventurous, intelligent, and very curious in their nature. They have very long legs, with a short fur coat, and a slender body. They have big ears that almost look disproportionate and a smaller tail. 

Often orange in color with black markings on them, they are perfect for the Savannah.

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#2. Cornish Rex Cats

Cornish Rex cats can often be confused with other cat breeds very easily. They are a type of domestic cat breed. They were first discovered in Cornwall, England, hence the name. They are also often referred to as the Greyhound of cats. 

They have a very egg-shaped head, with a wavy but short coat, and very curly whiskers and twisted hairs. 

They are very slender and slim, including their tails, and could almost be mistaken for a sphynx cat who managed to regrow their hair in terms of physique. 


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#3. Chartreux Cats

There are two cat breeds that cat owners tend to long to have; Maine Coons and Chartreux. 

Chartreux are lesser known, but they are very playful and intelligent. They are also very sweet and calm, but very beautiful. 

They are very well known for having a smile, but also for having a very large and muscular body as well as short fur coats and blue lips with copper colored eyes and very short paws. 

They are good indoor cats, as it is best to keep them away from any potential risk of disease.


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#4. Sphynx Cats

The Sphynx cat breed is very well known for having overenthusiastic behavior, extreme intelligence, calmness, and oodles of affection for their owners. 

These cats are very muscly and are often heavy or even medium-sized in their appearance. However, they are best known for their hairless form. They are a unique and prized cat to have in your life. 

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#5. Peterbald Cats

Peterbald cats are known for being medium in size. They originated in Russia, and come in a wide variety of colors. They can come in colors ranging from blues, silvers, browns and such, which makes them very unique cats.

They also have a very slim and elegant look, Also known as hairless cats. However, they are muscular and are very rich in personality as well.

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Bonus Cat - The Korat

We are not done quite yet. We want to finish by introducing you to another cat. The Korat is a unique cat with a unique story. 

Korat cats date back hundreds of years in Thailand. They are pretty small and are also domesticated cats that weigh even less than 10 lbs. 

They have a very unique shaped head, looking much like a heart with a silver-blue fur. 

They were traditionally given as gifts in Thailand as gifts to brides. 

While the pool for these cats is very small genetically, they are now one of the rarest cat breeds out there. 


If you wanted to buy one of these very pretty house cats, it can cost you anything from a few hundred dollars, all the way into the thousands of dollars!