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New Low-cost Pet Insurance Brand (PHI Direct) Now in Canada!

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New low-cost Pet Insurance Brand, PHI Direct brings First of its Kind Pet Health Insurance with Essential Coverage to Canadian Pets


PHI Direct’s, new Fluff-free Pet Health Insurance is now available for pet owners looking for introductory coverage for their pet at affordable price points. Only 2-3% of all cats and dogs in North America have pet insurance, and expanding that percentage (and protecting more pets from serious illnesses and injuries) is core to PHI Direct’s mission.

PHI Direct offers two policy options, Direct 5 or Direct 10, with annual benefit maximums of $5,000 or $10,000, respectively. While many pet owners know pet health costs can run into the tens of thousands of dollars over a pet’s lifetime, comprehensive coverage comes at a cost. For those looking for an alternative option for essential coverage, PHI Direct provides the solution.



PHI Direct’s monthly premiums are further reduced by providing coverage to only new illnesses or accidents for up to a year. In fact, this means that PHI Direct can offer premiums that are, on often more than 40% less for dogs and 35% less for cats, compared to other insured Canadian pets.



The launch of PHI Direct comes at a time when there has been a notable increase in first-time pet parents welcoming puppies and kittens into their homes as a result of COVID. There is also an uptick in pet ownership among millennials where the costs of premium products currently on the market may not fit within their budgets. PHI Direct was created with those pet parents in mind.


For new, or existing, pet owners looking for limited coverage PHI Direct was specifically designed without the bells and whistles (fluff-free) to provide introductory and immediate coverage.

PHI Direct is also the first pet insurance offering in Canada to accept PayPal and Apple Pay, underscoring its leading-edge in designing a new product for a new audience.

Canada's first Fluff-free Pet Health Insurance™    PHI Direct will launch in the U.S. later this year.