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How to Pick the Right Collar for Your Dog

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Your dog’s collar is one of the most accessories you’ll have to buy for your companion. It needs to be something comfortable, practical and capable of carrying contact information in case your dog gets lost. Below, we explore how you can pick the right collar for your dog.

Adapt the collar for your dog

You should adapt the collar you get to your dog’s situation. If they’re well trained then they can just enjoy a simple, orthodox collar. However, if their training isn’t finished yet, you might need a harness collar instead. Similarly, think about your local climate and the season – you need something your dog will find comfortable.

Pick the right type for the breed

It’s important to select the right collar for your breed too. Larger, more powerful breeds will need a tougher collar to ensure that they don’t break free from the lead. Meanwhile, smaller dogs might need something smaller to protect their necks.


Lords-and-labradors-catwalk-collection-faux-leather-collar-lifestyle_1920x.progressiveImage: Lords & Labradors

Non-allergenic materials

Consider whether your dog suffers from any allergies. If this is the case, you should avoid any of these materials in your lead. Check the product before you buy and ensure it won’t be harmful to your dog.

Measure your dog

It’s crucial to get your dog’s measurements too. By working out the size of their neck, you can get a collar that will keep them safe and comfortable at the same time. Simply use a tape measure to find out the size of the neck and use this to inform your purchase.

286166736_1908708765988313_5597458863239064949_nImage: Lords & Labradors

Have fun!

You should have fun when buying the collar too! There are all sorts of different colours and patterns out there for your dog. You can try getting a collar that fits their personality neatly: for instance, if they like chasing a tennis ball, you could get them a collar with ball patterns on it.


Safety is a crucial consideration with your collar. When your first buy the collar, allow your dog to try it on and supervise them with it. At this point, you should make sure that they aren’t choking on it and that they can’t shake it off.

Picking the right collar for your dog is important. But by following the advice above, you should have all the information you need to buy a dog collar that will suit both your dog’s needs.