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June 2022

Would Love to Get a Dog But Don’t Like the Shedding? Here are Some Breeds That Don’t Shed

Adding a new dog or puppy to your family can be exciting and fun, especially if it’s your first pet. Many new owners know that dogs require a lot of care and maintenance from getting shots and finding the right food. However, it can get tiresome and frustrating to constantly... Read more →

PICA in dogs + How to Identify and Treat it

PICA is a condition where your dogs feel the urge to eat non-food items. These could include different objects like plastics, metals, paper, clothes, dirt, and rocks. PICA in dogs is a condition that requires urgent care from a veterinarian to keep your dog safe and healthy. PICA may be... Read more →

New Low-cost Pet Insurance Brand (PHI Direct) Now in Canada!

New low-cost Pet Insurance Brand, PHI Direct brings First of its Kind Pet Health Insurance with Essential Coverage to Canadian Pets PHI Direct’s, new Fluff-free Pet Health Insurance is now available for pet owners looking for introductory coverage for their pet at affordable price points. Only 2-3% of all cats... Read more →

How to Pick the Right Collar for Your Dog

Your dog’s collar is one of the most accessories you’ll have to buy for your companion. It needs to be something comfortable, practical and capable of carrying contact information in case your dog gets lost. Below, we explore how you can pick the right collar for your dog. Adapt the... Read more →