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Fun Ways to Spoil You and Your Pet

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“Spoil Your Dog Day” might be on August 10th, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t pamper your furry best friend more often. Check out some of the best ways that both you and your dog can indulge any day of the year.

Subscription Box

You and your pet can each have the excitement of ripping open your monthly subscription service. Bark Box offers a monthly delivery to anywhere in the 48 continental states, and each box includes the following:

  • Two innovative dog toys
  • Two bags of all-natural doggie treats
  • A dog chew

You can then customize your subscription box service with options including coffee, cocktail, clothing, or wine. It’s the ideal opportunity to indulge in your guilty pleasures while enjoying innovative and exciting new brands.

Bakery Treats

Delicious bakery treats are high on almost everyone’s list of indulgences. The biggest dilemma is typically narrowing down the selection to ensure you can still fit in your favorite pair of jeans. However, there is no need to leave your pet out of the equation when it comes to indulging. The Dog Bakery ships specialty birthday cakes throughout the U.S. and boasts flavors like pink coconut, carob, and peanut.

If you would rather make your own cookies and cakes, then make sure you know human foods that dogs can eat. If you are an avid baker, consider making doggie treats a part of your annual Christmas baking and gifting routine.

Spa Day

If your dog is a Poodle, Maltese, Schnauzer, or other breed that requires routine professional grooming, why not book yourself in for some pampering at the same time? While your pet is busy getting their hair trimmed, shampooed, and styled, you could be at the hairdressers or spa doing the same. You could both get matching manicures and pedicures while enjoying a relaxing day of spa treatments.

Weekend getaway

Why wait for a romantic getaway when the only person you want to spend quality time with is your dog. The American Kennel Club has a list of dog-friendly hotel chains, or you can search on Airbnb, but be sure to mention your four-legged travel partner in advance so that there aren’t any last-minute issues upon checking in. Don’t forget to pack the following for a pet-friendly getaway:

  • Dog’s vaccination record
  • Leash
  • Plastic bags for cleaning up
  • Water bowl and clean water
  • Pet Food and bowl
  • Dog treats
  • Doggie seat belt
  • Their favorite toy
  • Dog bed or blanket

Netflix and Chill

Sometimes you would rather stay indoors and enjoy the company of Ben and Jerry along with the latest binge-worthy Netflix series. Don’t just splurge on luxury ice cream and designer doggie treats. Instead, go all out and ensure your pup has their own custom-made, stylish pint-sized couch, complete with memory foam mattress and soft fabrics.

Pampering, petting, and perfectly prepared treats are indulgences that both you and your pet can enjoy at home or while hanging your head out the window with the breeze in your hair.