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Russian blues

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If you have been looking for a breed of cat that’s ideally suited to life indoors, then you have found just the right one. Russian Blues are beautiful, friendly, and make perfect indoor cats. Here’s everything you need to know – including why you should only ever look to a trusted breeder for Russian Blue Kittens and Cats for Sale.

Intelligent and easy to train

Russian Blues are very intelligent, and have a reputation as a cat breed that’s very easy to train. This makes them ideally suited to life indoors, as you can nip any undesirable behaviours in the bud really easily. Litter training won’t be an issue, which will allow you keep your home clean and tidy. They can also be trained to use a scratching post, so you won’t have to worry about your furniture while you leave your cat unattended.

Happy with their own company

Russian Blues are friendly, good-natured cats, but they are also quite happy to be left alone. So if you are heading out to work every day and are worried that your cat will be upset that you’re not around, you can put those concerns to bed. While your Russian Blue will be happy to see you when you return home at the end of the day, they are able to amuse themselves and aren’t too reliant on their owners for company.


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Love to play with toys

Concerned that your cat won’t know how to channel those hunter’s instincts in an indoor setting? That won’t be a problem with a Russian Blue! These cats love to play with toys, and can be kept stimulated and happy without needing to venture outside. They love it when you play games with them; and their keen, inquisitive nature means that they are never happier than when they are running after their favourite too. They can even be trained to play fetch!

Clean and hygienic

If you are going to keep a cat indoors, one of your main concerns is sure to be hygiene. Like all cats, Russian Blues are very clean. Once they know where their litter box is, they’ll stick to that area. They aren’t prone to losing a lot of fur either, outside of the typical feline shedding seasons. So, you won’t be forever cleaning fluff off of your furniture!

Finding the perfect Russian blue

If you are going to welcome a Russian Blue into your home as an indoor pet, it’s important that you get yours from a reputable breeder. It’s the only way to ensure that your cat is a genuine pedigree, and will exhibit all of the characteristics we have mentioned. Once you bring your Russian Blue home, you will soon see what has made them such an enduringly popular cat breed with owners all over the world.

Will you bring one home?

With all that Russian Blues have to offer as indoor cats, it’s clear to see why they are in higher demand than ever. If you buy one, your home is sure to be a happier place for doing so.


(Image from Deposit Photos)