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Pet Insurance in Canada: Is It Worth It?

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Thinking of getting a pet? If you already own a pet, you're a part of the 58% of Canadians who do, according to the Canadian Annual Health Institute

A deciding factor for pet ownership is often the overall cost. Unlike car insurance, which is mandatory to drive, pet insurance can be an overlooked form of insurance for pet owners. It already costs thousands of dollars to care for a pet yearly. Do you want to add a monthly cost that you may never use? 

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It's true, similar to car insurance, that you might pay monthly and never make a claim. The concern is, “What if it happens?” It's a scenario many pet owners find themselves in. 

Emergencies Happen. Will You Have Pet Insurance?

Lassie was injured and needs emergency care. She has to spend a night at the veterinarian clinic hooked up to an IV after surgery. The bill for her hip replacement can range between $2000 - $5000 or more!

This is the type of situation that creates financial and emotional hardships for pet owners. If you don't have the money on hand, do you make the decision and not help Lassie, blow a portion or all of your savings or load up the debt on your credit cards

Having pet insurance is a way to protect yourself when these unforeseen circumstances in life happen. Similar to people, as our pets age, there is an increased potential for medical assistance. With an average life span of 10-15 years, most pets will require several emergency visits and multiple wellness checks.

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If your pet has been diagnosed before you have insurance coverage, you can find a suitable insurance plan but they will often exclude the pre-existing illness. It will leave you footing the bill every time Lassie needs medication or medical attention for that specific ailment.

You can find a pet insurance policy that will provide you with the coverage you feel comfortable with and the price you can afford. Some pet insurance policies will even include coverage for breed-specific conditions.


Will a Pet Emergency End Up Loading Your Credit Card?

Foresight and preparedness on your end can alleviate the undue emotional stress that can happen when your pet is sick or needs emergency care. Insurance can help you avoid the potentially enormous financial burden that can accompany pet emergencies. Most pet owners don't want to have the conversation where they have to weigh their pet’s health or life vs. credit card debt with high-interest rates.



The question is, is pet insurance worth it? This will vary from person to person. Taking a look at your financial situation can help you determine what's best for you. Ask yourself would the emergency cost of $5000+ create a massive financial hardship? Could a monthly insurance cost provide you with some reassurance that you wouldn't need to load your credit card in the case of an emergency? 

There are tons of options available when it comes to pet insurance. Make sure you do your pet insurance research and know exactly what is covered in your policy. 



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