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Everyone who owns a pet knows the one golden rule you should always respect: they are a part of your family. So, no matter what kind of animal you have at home, you have to make sure it stays happy and healthy. A huge part of your pet's health is making sure that it stays in great shape, and there are ways to make them thinner when they get a little chubby. Follow this article to learn how to get your pet to lose weight.

How Can You Get Your Pet To Lose Weight?

You have to know that it is very dangerous for your pet to be obese. First of all, they are much more likely to suffer a heart attack if they are not in shape, so that should be your main concern. On the other hand, there can be a great number of other things that could potentially worsen their health, so you must not ever let this happen. Luckily, if a situation like this does occur, there are some ways in which you can help your little furry companion to lose weight. Here is a little guide towards the weight loss of your pets.


1. Get Them Low-Calorie Food

Just like you would do with yourself, everything starts with a healthy diet that should make your pets feel much better. The first thing you could do is make their meals with low-calorie ingredients that will surely start up the thinning down process. So, if you have a pooch, you should find a store that sells low-calorie dog food that will still be tasty for your best friend because otherwise, they might not want to eat it. Feeding your animals with something like this will ensure they stay healthier and have more energy to do all the other activities that need to be done with them in order for them to lose weight.

Healthy meals do not have to come in packages, there are recipes to make food for your pets at home that will help them shave off a few pounds, but your safest bet is getting the things they will surely eat. The one thing you must always have in mind that the diet should consist of high protein and a low amount of carbs. You should also always look into how much food to give a certain animal because it varies from types within the same species as well.

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2. Exercise With Them

Once again, this rule is another that humans should also take into account. Exercising your animals once or twice a day is a great way to make sure they will stay in great shape, and if they are obese, they will start going towards the weight they are supposed to be at in no time. You must be patient and persistent with your furry companions when doing this, but you should also make sure not to overdo it so that there would be no further complications. Here are some of the activities you could do with your animals:

  • Play fetch
  • Take them to nature and let them run around
  • Take them to the park and let them play with other dogs
  • Ride bikes with them
  • Run around the yard with them

It is important to remember that this should go into your daily routine in order to work. So, always take an hour or two from your day and dedicate it to your pet because it is a great way for them to stay fit.

3. Take Them On Walks

Aside from exercise, there is one thing that dog owners probably already do every day, but it should still be emphasized: take your pets for walks. Now, these walks should probably be a little longer, not only enough for your furry friends to relieve themselves. Just like with exercise, be patient and walk around as much as your pets can handle so that they would be tired but still happy after a good day of walking and playing.

4. Think of Rewards Not Based on Food

Training your dog is a complicated job, and usually, the easiest way to make them listen is by giving them treats after they complete a command you give them. However, if the training process takes longer it can take a toll on their health because they will become obese from all the treats they are getting for being good boys. That is why you should think of alternative rewards while training them, and the best thing that comes to mind is a toy. Now, this has multiple benefits because apart from them listening to a command in order to get the toy, you can also throw it and make them run for it so you will also be exercising your pooch while getting it to be better and more obedient pets.

5. Rule Out Other Food Sources

In the end, usually what your dog needs is to be fed once a day in the amounts the vet says your type should eat. And that should be it when it comes to feeding your pet because all other food sources will get them chubby and unhealthy. That is why you should tell all the other family members not to feed it with unnecessary treats and train your pet not to accept everything that comes their way. They should be eating just the amount required for them, and while they might whine a little because of this, remember, it is for their own good so that they could stick around longer and be loved.

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6. Give Them Supplements

As a last resort, you could consider getting your pets some supplements that contain additives that would create a weight-loss routine. If you are giving them chondroitin or glucosamine supplements it can make the exercises you are doing with them easier if they are overweight. These supplements can increase overall mobility, so, if you do not have other ideas. Give this a try.

As you can see, there are many things you could do to get your pet to lose a little weight. Be patient and persistent because it is a huge health hazard for them if they are too fat. Make sure you feed them well but with fewer calories and not letting them eat other things during the day. Walks and exercising are a sure way to keep them healthy but never overdo them. Good luck getting your pet in shape!