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Having a pet is an undeniably massive responsibility, and you must know that your dog's life depends on how you treat it and look after it. Sometimes we can't always let our dogs out to run around in the garden, as many dog owners live in apartment buildings without gardens. So trying some fun activities to keep your dog healthy and active can be vital for your dog. While ensuring your pet has all the essentials such as a dog collar, or a hunting dog collar, a durable leash, and enough chew toys is the first priority for pet owners, keeping your furry friend entertained is just as important as keeping their vaccinations and health checks up to date. These great activities include ordinary options and a few fun ideas that you may never have thought of before.   In fact, there are many suggestions and techniques in how to reduce stress in dogs, helping them to live longer and happier lives.  A search of the internet and/or a browse in the book store, reveal a variety of options for pet parents out there. 


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Regular Walking To Build Routine

Walking regularly and, if possible daily will keep the relationship between you and your pet strong and at an all-time high as dogs love to walk or run, and they know that you are the one in charge. Regular running and walks are also suitable exercises for joint health as active walking keeps joints and muscles healthy. Make sure to try out new routes where you can perhaps find a new local park where you can take your dog to, and if the park allows it, let your dog run free as most people can't run as fast as a dog and letting your dog off the leash for a little while will give your dog a little bit of freedom to run at his/her own pace. However, make sure that your pet is trained and will come back to you when you call as an untrained dog can attack another dog or person, and in some cases, they can get lost. You could also consider taking your dog for hunting training and other canine training to ensure they are obedient enough to be let off the leash from time to time.

The Dog Version Of Hide And Seek

If you don't have a front or back garden or you aren't able to let your dog outside, playing hide and seek with your dog indoors is fun and can use a lot of energy. All you need is to hide and get someone to hold your dog until you are ready, call your dog, and let your pet find you. This activity can help with mental stimulation and keep your dog active although you can't expect your dog to hide, it will be a one-way game but it can still be fun for a long time, especially if you want your child to bond with their dog. Your dog will be able to sniff you out, and rewarding them with a treat when they find you will keep them engaged.

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Tug Of War Can Be Strength Training For Both Sides

Whether you have a large dog or a tiny dog, getting a tug rope with a knot at the end from your local pet store is a great decision. Playing dog tug of war can be a lot of fun, and it will also prove to be quite the workout, especially with larger dogs, as you will need to pull harder. Playing this game also helps to show who is in charge of the home. Your dog will understand this. You will need to be careful of yanking the ropeway too hard for your dog as this can pull out teeth and even cause a jaw injury, so just keep a firm grip and don't pull too hard.

Everyone Likes Bubble, And So Does Your Dog

Bubbles are an enjoyable and entering way to keep your dog active and can also let your dog jump around. And suppose you don't want to blow bubbles. You could opt for a fun bubble gun which you just pull the trigger and don't need to tire yourself out by blowing bubbles. Some models are stationary and only require a battery; your dog will love to catch the bubbles for a long time; you could also do this inside on a rainy day; just make sure to point the bubble gun away from electrical appliances or furniture that you don't want to get wet. An alternative to a bubble gun toy is a laser; even though we usually associate the laser game with cats, dogs love it too. However, you will need to take care as the laser can damage your dog's eyes, so a responsible adult should do this. You also get machines that have a laser and move the light around automatically, so if you have to leave your pet at home alone while you go to work, and your dog needs your attention, this is an excellent way to entertain your dog and keep your pet active and healthy.

Rough Play But Not Too Rough

Any dog likes to play rough, especially the younger dogs; pulling your dog's paws gently or playing with a blanket by quickly covering and letting your dog find its way out can use a lot of energy and keep your dog coming back for more. You can also gently tackle your dog playfully but without hurting the dog, as this will also allow you to train your dog not to attack when it gets overexcited. However, doing this can be fun. You need to know your limits and your dog's limits when it comes to rough play as dogs bones tend to break easier than human bones, so don't get too wild, and know when to stop as a dog might get over-excited and attack, especially if it a stranger playing group and your dog might see that person as a threat.

Keeping your dog active and healthy is crucial. They love you with their whole heart; keep in mind always playing according to your dog's size; the bigger the dog, the rougher you can play. You can also teach your dog the regular activities such as fetch and catch as these can be enjoyed indoors with smaller dogs if the space is large enough.