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Kigurumi Onesies - Best Onesies EVER!

Onesies cover


Onesie.  Onesies.  Even the word makes you smile, even if it's just on the outside.  You can't deny it. 

Wearing a onesie from Kigurumi is a whole other level of onesie happiness.  They make the best onesies EVER.

The generous peeps of Kigurumi set me up with two of their onesies, the Lobster and the Walrus.  They arrived in such professional and spiffy packaging.  I couldn't wait to set them free.  I tend to anthropomorphize things. Yes...that's me. 




The quality of these onesies is incredible. Soft and vibrant colored fabric, no corners cut on sewing, thoughtfully designed and well, super darn cozy.  I look at them as little "outfits of art".  I know they manufacture loads of them, but when I put one on, I feel like I'm the only one that has that "look".  And I'd have to say...I'm rocking it. 



SavingPNG (4)
The Lobster onesie?  Well...Can you just see the pure joy on my face?   Onesie bliss.  It's a recognized emotional and physical state for those who wear Kigurumi onesies. I  can only assume so.


SavingPNG (7)

I was tempted to hang out at the local lobster-serving restaurant, with a sign that said...HAVE YOU SEEN LARRY?" adorned with a lobster photo on it, but of course.  Maybe later in the season when the spirit moves me. 

Check out these claws!

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SavingPNG (11) (1)

SavingPNG (12) (1)

Treat yourself to a Kigurumi onesie and find your joy.  You won't regret it!