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7 Great Gift Ideas for Pet Lovers

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Are you looking for some gift ideas for a pet lover? We wrote this short, yet informative guide to present the latest and best gift ideas for your friends or loved ones who live with a companion animal.  

1. Pet Art  

A custom pet portrait would make a beautiful centerpiece in any pet lover’s home. There are as many types of pet art today as there are artists. Some sketch, others paint, while others specialize in digital art and more. There are also traditional media like canvas and less traditional options, such as metal and glass. There is even word art, where images are made from words. For example, a portrait of a dachshund can be made using the word “dachshund,” which translates as “ceiling dog” from German. 

A pet portrait is a meaningful keepsake, and there are thousands of pet art options out there these days. Simply get a photo of your friend’s or loved one’s pet and send it to the art studio of your choice. They’ll take it from there, delivering a beautiful portrait that will stand the test of time.    

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2. Baking Mold 

You could buy a mold for your pet-loving friend or relative to bake dog treats in the shape of paws or muzzles. Some molds even come with books of dog dish recipes. 

3. Pet Bed 

When it comes to pet beds, you can choose vintage-inspired beds, denim beds, hand-woven beds, and more. For example, dog beds in the shape of a suitcase are a nice option for a pet lover who’s also an avid traveler (and takes the pet everywhere they go, of course). Some merchants will also let you customize the bed’s colors and patterns. 

Denim beds are durable and stylish, making them an excellent alternative to a store-bought product. Denim can take lots of scratching. Some kinds even get better with every wash. 

Can you knit? If so, you could make a bed for your friend’s cat or dog. They’ll be completely delighted. Every time their fur baby dozes off in it, they’ll think of you. Why not throw in a thoughtful accessory, too? You don’t need more than basic sewing skills to make a pet pillow. 

4. Pet-inspired Wine Glass Sets

You might know someone who loves animals, as well as wine. Therefore, a pet-themed wine set could be a clever combination of their two loves! It would make the perfect present for your loved one, especially if you pair it with a bottle of good wine. 

5. Quick-Drying Towels 

Quick-drying microfiber fabric is any dog owner’s dream, this is especially true for owners of dogs with long hair. These towels are said to absorb water up to 10 times better than ordinary towels. For the perfect gift set, you can combine a microfiber towel with dry shampoo for dogs. Dogs will need freshening up on occasion, especially in hot weather. You can also make a homemade dry shampoo to keep your friend’s pet feeling nice and smelling good for longer.  

6. Pebble Pet Art

Yes, pebble pet art is becoming a thing – and it’s truly unique as a present and an art form. This type of art is created using driftwood and pebbles. There is a large variety of possible depictions, including ones with numerous pets. 

7. Personalized Cat or Dog Blanket

Most pets love cuddling. Dogs in particular are often guilty of stealing their owners’ blankets. This is why a cozy dog blanket could make a perfect gift! You can even order a handmade one with an interesting dog-themed pattern. It’s possible to customize it with the dog’s name after choosing the right size and color. 

Final Thoughts 

Are pet owners different from non-owners? Quite a few studies have shown that pet owners tend to be in better mental and physical health than people without pets. This could be a consequence of having a pet or the reason they got one to begin with. Either way, there’s a positive correlation between owning a pet and better health. In addition, research supports a connection between socioeconomic outcomes and emotional bonds with pets. Specifically, cat and dog owners tend to rate their economic and health status higher than non-owners. Differences in marital status and income might affect this.