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Pet owners may appear different than everyone else. In a way, they’re unique. Most of them claim to love their furry friends more than people. However, if there’s one thing that makes them “normal,” it's that they love flowers. Then again, who doesn’t? So, if you’re running out of gift ideas for that animal-loving friend, why not give them a bouquet of beautiful blooms?

You can’t go wrong with giving flowers for birthdays or any occasion.

Don't walk into a florist shop and pick the first arrangement you see. You want the receiver to know how much thought you put into their birthday present. Choosing the perfect bouquet isn’t easy for most people, so here’s a guide to help you find the blossoms that make the celebrant feel exceptional.

Know Her Favorite Flowers

You can’t go wrong with a choice of blossoms that she loves. The gift also shows you care enough to know what pleases her.  If you’ve been paying attention, you would know the types of flowers she likes. Ask those close to her if your relationship is new.

Go for the Wow Factor

A report shows that when buying gifts, most people choose items that wow the recipient. That’s a great tip to follow. A creative florist can prepare arrangements that include using petals to form a dog. Those bouquets will please any pet owner.

Express Your Feelings

There’s more to flowers than being colorful and beautiful. Blooms have a secret language because each one has its unique meaning. 

 Here are some popular choices and what they represent:

  • Red rose - known through the ages as the most romantic flower. 
  • Tulip - symbolizes perfect love.
  • Alstroemeria - the Peruvian Lily encourages the recipient to stay strong, knowing you’re there to support them.
  • Orchid - conveys how lucky you are to love the receiver.
  • Sunflower - this bright and cheery bloom lets the celebrant know that you appreciate them and they’re a friend for life.
  • Carnation - its darker shades of red convey a more profound feeling of devotion and affection.



Choose Fresh Flowers

Whatever you do, steer clear of giving artificial blooms. You may think that they’ll last a long time and never wither, but they’re a no-no. Most florist stores have farm-fresh blooms and live plants nowadays, so there’s no excuse if you don’t get her natural blossoms. 

Birthday Flowers

If you want to keep the gift simple, choose flowers representing the birth month of the pet owner. Here’s a brief idea of what your choices are.


There are two official flowers for the first month of the year. Snowdrops are white perennials that symbolize innocence and purity. It also represents hope because it’s the first one to bloom at the beginning of spring.

The other January flower is carnations, which come in various colors, each one conveying a unique message. The white hues are a symbol of pure love, and pink means unforgettable. 


You probably think of red roses because of Valentine’s Day, but it’s the violet that’s the February birth flower. This purple bloom is a symbol of faithfulness, modesty, and virtue.  The primrose is this month’s other official blossom. These are colorful and edible perennials.  They make an excellent gift for your partner because they symbolize young love.


The cheerful yellow daffodil is March’s birth flower. It represents new beginnings, happiness, and joy. Another member of the family is jonquil, which means unparalleled love.


The daisy and the sweet pea are the blooms for those born in April. Daisies come in several hues. The color of its petals ranges from white to pink, while its center is yellow. This blossom is excellent for expressing your undying love as well as beauty, purity, and innocence. The other April birth flower is the sweet pea, known for its fragrance. The bloom symbolizes blissful pleasure. Be sure your loved one knows how you feel, as this blossom also conveys a parting message.


Excellent blooms for May birthdays are the lily of the valley and hawthorn. The former, with its small bell-like flowers, is an excellent choice for a scented bouquet. This blossom signifies purity, humility, happiness, and sweetness. The hawthorn promises extreme hope and joy for the celebrant.


Although everyone knows that the red rose is the universal symbol of love, less known is that there are 100 types. The bloom also comes in several colors.  Be aware that each hue has a unique meaning, so you don’t send the wrong message. Besides red, the popular types are pink, for happiness, and white, to represent worthiness. The other June flower is honeysuckle, which symbolizes eternal love bonds. You won’t see this bloom frequently in bouquets, though.


If the birthday is in July, choose larkspurs. These colorful flowers that come in indigo, pink, and purple make beautiful bouquets. The blooms generally symbolize love and positivity. The other blossom for the month is the water lily which represents rebirth and purity.


There are two birth flowers for August. The gladiolus symbolizes strength and integrity. These magnificent flowers, with their pink, orange, and white blossoms, also signify remembering someone. The poppy’s also a symbol of remembrance. Give a yellow bloom to wish the recipient success and wealth.


Asters are enchanting blooms. It’s most common to see these blossoms in pink, red, white, and mauve. They’re perfect flowers to express undying love, affection, faith, and wisdom.  The morning glory is the other September flower. You can give it to show affection for the receiver.


If you’re buying a bouquet for those born in October, marigolds are a perfect choice. They signify love and passion.  You can also choose cosmos blossoms because they represent peace and tranquility. They’re very colorful flowers with orange, pink, and purple hues. 


The chrysanthemum is the only birth flower for November. The blooms come in a variety of colors. Red, as always, represents love. The white ones signify innocence and purity. 


For December, you’ll have three choices with the holly, poinsettia, and narcissus. These blooms have very positive meanings.

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While the arrangement's appearance has to be beautiful, the secret to a perfect bouquet is the message it conveys.