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Amazing Ideas to Take Great Selfies With Your Pets

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Image source: Pixabay

Pictures have always been a storytelling medium. We take photographs everywhere we go to create memories.

Since social media became popular, so did selfies. It began with people taking pics while standing in front of mirrors. Today, there are tools to help users hold their smartphones, facing them from a distance.

If there’s one thing pet owners love, it’s snapshots of their furry friend. While you may want a picture of both of you, at times, there’s no one to take it for you. So, you’ve got to shoot selfies with your dog or cat.

However, anyone who’s tried taking photos of an animal knows how difficult it is to get the right pose. If you’re lucky enough to get a fantastic pic, you can now turn it into an oil painting. You can check out Instapainting deals and have artists create a custom portrait from your snapshot.

Here’s how you can get that perfect selfie.

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Relax Your Pet

How many times have you seen your pup looking cute, but when you’ve got your camera ready, it runs off? It’s challenging to photograph pets because they can’t focus

Don’t force your dog to pose. It won’t work. It’s better to let your puppy take the lead.

Most dogs are easily distracted because they’re lively. The idea is to get them to work off that energy. So, before the shoot, spend time walking or playing with them. After that, they’ll be calmer and relaxed.

That’s when you should start shooting quickly, or they’ll walk away. What’ll make the picture awesome is that a panting pup looks like it’s smiling.

Remove Distractions

Besides being energized, your pet might be distracted by things in the environment. Identify what’s keeping it from focusing and remove them. Often it’s food or toys.

If that doesn’t work, find a way to capture and hold his attention. You’ll know from experience what your furry friend likes. Some pet owners let their pups watch a video of other dogs, and it perks them up.

Choose a Comfortable Pose

It’s not easy to get your pet to lie or sit the way you want, so you’ve got to do the next best thing. Let them choose the position they’re comfortable with, and join them. 

You’ll get a fantastic shot because they’ll be at ease. 

Use a Bribe

Depending on how you train your pet, enticing them with treats might work. You’ll have to be creative and find a way to attach the bribe to your phone without blocking the lens.

Most dogs will look endearingly at the snack, giving you a superb selfie.

Use Natural Lighting

As far as possible, avoid taking photos indoors unless there’s sufficient lighting. Using a flash can be stressful for your dog. 

Going outdoors is the best option, especially early in the day, as there’s plenty of light.

Choose a Great Backdrop

You want your dog and you to be the highlight of the shot. So, make sure the background allows both of you to stand out. 

Also, select the scenery that contrasts with your pet’s fur color. Choose a light backdrop if your furry friend has a dark coat and vice versa.

Take Lots of Pictures

You know the difficulty in getting your pup to pose. So, once you’ve got the perfect setting, shoot away. You can select the ones you like later.

(Image source: Depositphotos)