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Cats are fascinating companions. Each one is unique, with a multi-layered personality that keeps you guessing on their mood from one minute to the next. Cats have always been portrayed in the media as slinky, sleek, and sexy. If you have a penchant for pussy cats, and perhaps you are looking for inspiration to bring some kitty-themed couture into your home, here are some chic interior design ideas for cat lovers.

Picture Purrfect

Cats are so stunningly beautiful, and adorning your walls with stylish pieces of art will add sophistication to any home. Look at websites such as, which has some wonderful minimalist art prints of different cat breeds. You may want to want to purchase one that looks most like your cat and that complements the colors of your decor.

For a one of a kind painting, you could commission a local artist to create a portrait of your pussy cat. They may even be able to paint a fantasy piece with your cat dressed up in regal clothing or relaxing on a chaise longue.

Soft and Fluffy

Bring the beauty of cat fur into your decor by draping soft faux fur throws over beds and sofas. Go for soft greys, browns, or even leopard print and team with coordinating carpets and walls.

Scatter cushions and pillows across your seating areas and ensure they have a feline aesthetic. Look for fabrics with prints of cats, geometric patterns, big cat faux fur prints, and photographs of cats. If you have a furry friend of your own, you could get a photo of them transferred onto a pillow or bedspread.

Curtains, bed sets, towels, blinds, wallpapers, and rugs are available in a range of feline styles. The list is endless.


Kitty Bits

The choice of cat paraphernalia is vast - there are even shops devoted to selling nothing but kitty-themed merchandise. You can have immense fun looking at ornaments to decorate your home with.

For a chic interior, look at contemporary sculptures made from highly glazed ceramic in neutral tones and monochrome. A popular look just now is to decorate in stunning jewel colors and accentuate with palm leaf designs and life-size statues of cheetahs, leopards, and tigers.

Look at local art galleries, craft fairs, and antique shops for ornaments. For something original, ask a local artist or crafter to make you a piece. Needle felt crafters can create lifelike fiber figures from wool and wire. Artists skilled with wood can carve beautiful sculptures that can be minimalist or ornate, depending on your home interior's aesthetic.

If you have a pet cat, you can even purchase chic accessories for them. Buy your pampered moggy a velvet chaise lounge or a beautiful wicker bed. Bespoke cat cabins can also double as coffee tables and side tables for your living room. Litter boxes need not be a constant eyesore as they can be incorporated into pieces of stylish furniture too.



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