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Best Pets to Have With a Dog

2nd pet

Pets, in general, are a man’s best friend, but many pet owners inevitably want to get themselves another pet at some time or another.

But with so much care and attention that you have to give your animal friends, it can be a bit tricky to choose whether or not you should get a pet and what animal you should get.

That’s why we decided to sit down and pick five animals that will be the perfect companion for your four-paw furry friend. While there are some pretty obvious choices on the list, we think we will surprise you with a few too. So, without spending too much time, let’s get on to the first animal on the list, shall we?



Consider getting an aquarium with fish, as they are somewhat less demanding than dogs.

While fish can look like simple creatures to take care of, according to Momchil from AQUAnswers that is not exactly the case. Yes, some species can be considered low maintenance, especially when compared to a dog, but they do want their fair share of care and attention too.

Aquariums need cleaning, you have to feed them every day, and with some species, you have to play too.

But with that said, a fish pet can be the centerpiece of your home. Most underwater creatures are pretty unique, and some have beautiful vibrant colors as well.

Just make sure you take good care of the water quality and you feed your fish quality food, as they tend to be fragile when placed in controlled conditions.

Puppy and kitten pic

Cats can be a cool way to bring your dog a friend, especially if you leave them alone.

While it is definitely an unlikely companion, cats can be a great friend to your dog. There is a trick to it though.

You have to get them both at a young age, before they are fully grown, just to make sure they bond together.

While there is a lot written on the topic online, nothing will fully prepare you for what you will have to deal with, so make sure you go into this process armed with a lot of patience.

A guinea pig can be a perfect low-maintenance companion.

Maybe one of the surprises on the list is getting yourself a guinea pig. Unlike hamsters, they don’t tend to bite as much, and they are also pretty responsive and smart little creatures. This makes them a decent choice as a dog companion pet.

What is a bit off-putting for many dog owners is that guinea pigs do require quite a bit of upkeep and attention as pets.

They need a decent size cage (around two meters in diameter) to live comfortably, and if space is tight at your home, maybe they aren’t the right choice. Guinea pigs also require fairly high-quality food and are pretty social, but if you own a dog, this won’t really be a problem. An interesting little fact is that guinea pigs also depend on the daily intake of vitamin C, so you will have to take care of that too.  And they need to have a companion, which does require a commitment of two. 


Guinea pig pic

Have you thought about another dog?

Not a big surprise, yes. You might have already thought about this one already as well. But getting another dog can be a great option.

You already know how to take care of a dog and you are fairly familiar with the amount it’s going to cost you, and most of the things you most likely already own.

A smaller leash, smaller dog bed, you already have those. Not to mention that you already have a vet that you trust, so most of the time-consuming thighs are worked out.

If you are looking for something quiet, a turtle or two are the perfect option.

While turtles have notoriously long lifespans, they can be the great quiet companion pet for a dog. This means, however, that you will have to take care of them for a long time, which can be a minus for some people.

Another thing that you have to consider before you get yourself a turtle (or two of them, because why not) is that the living space that they require can get a bit expensive if you set it up for the first time.

They will need a quality water filter, a large tank where they can live in, as well as a heater and some species can require specialized equipment to live comfortably. While these are one-time costs, you should be prepared, because as we said, they can get expensive.

Other than that, turtles are pretty easy to take care of after the initial setup.

Turtle in hand