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Dogs have become an integral part of humans’ domestic history since time immemorial, so it’s no surprise that some of the services revolving around them naturally evolved into coveted careers.  Indeed, a career in the pet industry can be extremely rewarding. As a dog lover/enthusiast, not only are you doing every day what you love, but there’s also great joy in helping dogs and their families.

With the advent of new research on animal behavior, technology, and the changing roles of dogs in human societies, there are now plenty of career opportunities in the canine industry.

Pick your path.


Dog Walker

Walking routine getting boring? Spice it up by having the perfect walking partner. The technology is available via mobile applications to help you find pooches waiting for their next neighborhood adventure. Just don’t get attached that easily as you may not always have the same client twice. In most cases, fur parents just want someone to take over the task for a day or two because they have conflicting schedules.

Dog walking is common among neighborhoods with apartment buildings where dogs usually don’t have enough play space that can accommodate their hyperactive energies.

Pay, however, can be unpredictable, and of course, every dog has his/her own personality, so you have to be well-equipped to handle the difference in behavior.

Here’s a list of great dog-walking apps you can try today.


Dog Groomer

If you think you have the creative potential for prettifying pooches or just want to steer your styling career to a different direction, being a professional dog groomer is a great option.

To set up business and get started, you will need to training and certifications. Getting a pet-grooming-assistant position is perhaps a good head start to help you learn the trade down to the details. It will help you master your craft until you’re ready to take the reins and manage a business with your own skills.


Dog park

Dog Trainer

Starting a career as a dog trainer requires adequate and intimate knowledge of canine behavior and the willingness to deal with different kinds of breed personalities. As a dog trainer, you also have the responsibility to deal with the dog owners and educate them about the follow-throughs.

Your sessions can range from teaching basic commands to advanced one-on-ones.

In this career, patience is key as each case can be unpredictable. Thankfully, you don’t need a specific certification to start your own dog-training career, but if you want to learn quickly, try apprenticing with your local dog trainer.

You can also find free online courses on dog-training basics and start with your own pooch. Aside from food, treats, dog chews, and toys are great for reinforcing desired behavior, so stock up.



There are so many incredible opportunities for veterinary jobs of all sorts, and certainly worth exploring for those who are drawn to the profession. 

If you’re ready to take on a four-year-education requirement and earn good money from keeping pets healthy, being a veterinarian is one of the best career options. It may not be a fast-track career if you suddenly want to shift gears, but it's one of the most rewarding jobs there is.

The long years of schooling give you the adequate scientific foundation to handle the job. Because dogs and other pets have different reactions to pain, handling them requires cautious and conscious care.

Additionally, you must also establish good stress management. The job can easily be glossed over, but the emotional toll may cause burnout if not handled well.  


Pet store


Pet-Supply-Store Owner

Are you more practical and business minded in approach? Then perhaps you should open your own pet-supply store!

You can either open up a physical store with all your inventory ready for sale or start selling online. As a pet-store-supply owner, you can cater to the varying needs of dog owners and their dogs and make sure they have the best selections from trusted manufacturers.

From selling chew toys to awesome subscription boxes online, this career can be both lucrative and inspiring at the same time. You get to interact with one customer after another and help them find the right solutions for their beloved pets.

Final Word

There’s no such thing as the perfect career. Each has its own thorns and bliss. But if you’re doing what you love, no day is a day of work. Look into these options, and start your dream canine career soon!

About the author: Emma Nolan is a blogger, writer, and dog parent to three adorable black Labradoodles. She likes strolling outdoors with her lovable fur babies when not writing about them. She writes about everything pooch at Pawstruck.

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