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5 Tips to Help Your Dog Adjust to the Invisible Fence®

As invisible fencing for dogs grows in popularity, it’s imperative that pet owners know how to properly train their pet to adjust.  The smart folks at created this graphic outlining 5 Tips to do just your furry family member adjust to what is one of the coolest inventions ever!
"At StayDog, our Pet Specialists work to learn what you need most to keep your pets secure and healthy at home. Our Pet Specialists are certified in Safe Dog™, Perfect Start™ Pet, and Perfect Start™ Plus Pet Training methods, which combine play and praise with effective behavior modification techniques. Your dog will learn to safely and happily stay in the secure areas you designate.

With this knowledge, StayDog customizes your Invisible Fence® Brand solutions to meet the specific needs of your pet and family while maintaining the beauty and integrity of your landscaping and property. Designed to work together, Invisible Fence Brand solutions give you amazing options to expand your pets’ freedom and happiness. With the same Computer Collar® unit, your pet can have safe yard boundaries, access our secure pet door, and learn to stop bad behaviors inside and outside the home. All of these systems easily integrate, plus all include professional installation and pet training.

There are other imitation pet containment systems, but there is only one Invisible Fence® Brand. No other system can match the quality and dependability of the world's most trusted name in pet safety and well-being."


"Professional company that came out for our appointment on time and explained exactly how they would install and train. They installed the fencing and trained at the appointed time. Also did additional training at the appointed time. All individuals were extremely professional, friendly and answered all our questions. I recommend if you are looking for invisible fencing!" - Lou G.

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Disclaimer:  (As outlined by the FTC) This is a sponsored post, with monies going to local animal rescue.