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Cat Tarot - Let Feline Friends Guide You #GIVEAWAY


Something exciting happened a few days ago....April 2nd to be exact.  Well-know illustrator, Megan Lynn Kott, released her newest project, Cat Tarot through Chronicle Books.  This delightful set of 78 beautifully illustrated tarot cards comes with a comprehensive guide book, to help you find your path through Feline Guidance.  And we're giving a set away to one lucky winner!  (see end of post to ENTER)



The ancient Egyptians revered cats as protectors, often depicting their gods as cats. While felines may not be worshipped today they are definitely favored pets and beloved members of our families, with many people believing that cats have preternatural senses. So it seems purr-fect that celebrated cat illustrator Megan Lynn Kott would create a tarot deck that features mystic felines to assist in divination.



Cat fans will love how Kott pairs the unique feline spirit and personality with the classic major arcana cards: a cautious kitty peers from a paper bag hiding place as “The Hermit,” while cats play on the carpeted “Tower.” The minor arcana also get the feline treatment as kitties play with various “Wands,” drink from a selection of “Cups,” use their “Swords” (nails), or pursue bits of kibble (a.k.a. “Pentacles”). A 108-page booklet, written by Julia Smillie, guides you on how to layout the cards and decipher their meaning.

Cat Tarot is now available on Amazon and fine book stores everywhere.  You can also purchase a set on the Chronicle Books website.  


About the Artist

Megan Lynn Kott has been working for a decade as a graphic designer and freelance illustrator. She paints cats, cute animals, sad animals, more cats, redheads, weird animals, flowers, and did we mention cats? In addition to being an artist, she is a lifelong cat lover.

Giveaway time!  Contest is open to residents of the USA only.  Closes April 30, 2019.