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Kyra's Canine Conditioning - Keeping Your Dog Fit & Healthy!


Kyra's Canine Conditioning is designed to build on important life skills, such as confidence, strength, coordination, mental focus, and following directions. Featuring all new material, world-renowned trainer Kyra Sundance introduces activities that will strengthen each of these skills in your dog. Learn innovative ways to work with props, such as hoops, balls, FitPAWS inflatables, and Klimb pedestals.


Through this book, you will:

  • learn how to evaluate a dog’s physiology, and develop and execute a customized conditioning plan.
  • acquire the skills to improve a dog’s fitness through five components: coordination, stamina, balance, strength, and flexibility.
  • improve a dog’s confidence, mental focus, and direction-following skills through targeted games.

Physical fitness is just as important for dogs as it is for people. Keeping dogs fit and healthy can increase their lifespan and limit vet visits as they get older. It reduces the risk of sports-related injury, joint problems, and arthritis. Dogs who are conditioned and healthy tend to live happier and more playful lives. A program of games and canine conditioning makes fitness fun for both you and your dog!


Cc3borderPhoto credit: Christian Arias

This program conditions dogs through a series of games that are both a great physical foundation for dogs who want to pursue sports and a great way to easily condition dogs that are your average couch potato. Through these conditioning games, you will see a physical and mental transformation in your dog.

Thanks to the versatility of the games, a dog of any age can improve their health and fitness. Puppies can benefit from the coordination, confidence, and mental focus games while elderly dogs can work on their strength, balance, and direction-following skills. There is something for every owner and every dog. These games challenge your dog to experiment with different ideas to accomplish a goal. Your dog will get the exercise they need while building stamina, balance, hind end coordination, mental focus, and improving their overall athletic skills.

Cc2borderPhoto credit: Christian Arias

Working cooperatively with your dog in a positive way will be a wonderful bonding experience, and your dog will bask in your attention and pride in him. This book will educate you on dog physiology, and ways to stretch and condition a dog, but it is not meant as a replacement for veterinary advice or diagnosis. Understand the boundaries of your role as a coach, and refer dogs to the proper medical and professional specialists when needed.


Cc1borderPhoto credit: Christian Arias


Kyra Sundance is a world-renowned dog trainer, lecturer, and internationally best-selling author of 101 Dog Tricks: Step by Step Activities to Engage, Challenge and Bond with Your Dog. With over a million copies in print, Kyra’s award-winning books, kits, and DVDs have inspired dog owners worldwide to develop fun and rewarding relationships with their dogs. Her other books include Dog Training 101, The Dog Tricks and Training Workbook, 51 Puppy Tricks, and 101 Dog Tricks, Kids Edition.

Honed through decades of professional experience, Kyra’s easy step-by-step training methods are the most effective and humane way to train. Her positive methods foster confident, happy dogs who are motivated to do the right thing, rather than fearful of making a mistake.

As professional performers, Kyra and her Weimaraners starred in shows for the king of Morocco, Disney’s Hollywood stage shows, circuses, NBA halftime shows, on The Tonight Show, Ellen, Animal Planet, in movies, and in their own television series. Kyra is a professional set trainer for movie dogs, and is nationally ranked in competitive dog sports. She presents workshops around the world on dog tricks and canine conditioning.

Kyra is CEO of "Do More With Your Dog!" trick dog titling organization; the “National Trick Dog championships”; and Chair of the “Trick Dog Expo."

Kyra lives in Lancaster, California









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Very informative and helpful post. I am a new Pet owner, adopted 40 days Golden Retriever, he is 70 days now.Could you please check and suggest if his health seems okay. I look forward to reading your posts on a regular basis. Thanks so much.

Here is the little video of my pet- Pluto: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOojNDMYuQY&t=10s


Kathrin Basen

This is something I hadn't thought enough about. We take our dog for a walk everyday but clearly this isn't enough to keep our dog as fit and healthy as we would like. As Kyra mentions it is also a great opportunity to bond with your dog as well.


I found something new being trainer we did not do this stuff till now definitely I will follow this stuff for me


thanks for your information it is helping me a lot for keeping my dog more healthy

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