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Pet commemoration

They say that our pets become a member of our family, that we love them, adore them and treat them just as we would our children. This is great whilst they are alive, but what about when they pass away? The death of a loved pet can almost hit as hard as losing a family member, which means that you are going to have a period of grief for them and want to find a way to remember them as best that you can.

With this in mind, we have put together some of the top ways that you can approach commemorating a loved pet and making sure that you can remember them as best that you can.

Buy some memorial jewellery

Memorial jewellery is one of the best ways that you can commemorate a pet. Especially Ashes Memorial Jewellery. These pieces are designed to not only look beautiful, but also to incorporate the ashes or hair of your pet after they have been cremated. Which means that you can carry them around with you, even though they are no longer with you.

Place a stone in the garden

Did your pet have a favourite place to sit in the garden? If they did, then you might want to place a memorial stone in that spot. You can either buy them online, professionally made, or you can set a family project that you can all do together to remember that special pet.

Have a tattoo

This might be a little bit more of a permanent option, but there is no denying that a pet memorial tattoo is great fun. There are a variety of styles out there that you can choose from, a simple dedication to their name or perhaps a pawprint, but if you are feeling braver, then you might want to take a look at having a portrait of your pet.

Make a donation

Whilst our pet lived their life with lots of love and care, there are lots of pets out there that donā€™t have quite as much of a happy life. One great way that you can remember your pet is to make a donation in their name to a local or national charity. Not only will it help animals out there but will also help you to remember them in an entirely different way.

Frame a photo

Sounds like a simple idea, but a great way to remember your pet is to place a framed photo of them around your home. Pick your favourite image of them and put it in a nice frame. That way, you can always have something to remind you of how they were, each and every day.

Keep their tag

Depending on the type of pet that you have, you may have a tag on their collar to tell people their name and a number to contact. If you do, then these tags are the ideal thing to keep to remember them by. It is down to you to do whatever you wish with the tag, you can attach it to your keys, hang it on a necklace or perhaps just keep it at home. We are sure that having it close to you will give you a great memory of your pet.

Love again

When you lose a pet, the last thing that is going to be on your mind is replacing them. Which is definitely fair. However, once you have managed to get through the period of grief after their death, then perhaps it is time to open your heart again. Whilst a new dog or cat is never going to replace the pet that you have lost, what it will do is help you to love again. It will give another dog a chance to feel loved and part of the family, which really is the greatest tribute of all for your pet.

Commission a portrait

Chances are that you will have plenty of pictures of your pet, but what you might not have is a beautiful piece of artwork featuring them. There are a number of artists out there who are able to take a picture of your pet and transform it into a beautiful piece of art, which you can then proudly hang up in your home.

Whilst nothing can bring your pet back, one thing that you can do is to do your best to remember them. Whether this is with a piece of jewellery, or perhaps a beautiful piece of art, your pet is always going to be with you, no matter where you are.

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Michelle Larose

My dog's tag is threaded onto my walking shoes so she still walks with me all the time šŸ’•šŸ¾

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