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Soul Dog: A Journey into the Spiritual Life of Animals (Bear & Company, November 13, 2018), is a new book by Elena Mannes that explores animal spirituality and the ability of animals to communicate with humans. 

Soul Dog is a very thought-provoking book. Steeped in science and heart, Ms. Mannes passionately shares her own experiences with Brio. This book opens the door for wide-ranging musings about what dogs can teach us if we open our minds and hearts.”
—Marc Bekoff, author of Canine Confidential: Why Dogs Do What They Do

“What a wondrous journey of discovery and fulfillment Elena Mannes tells us in this deeply moving tale of her relationship with the brilliant, elegant, wise and loving Brio, her soul dog!”  

             —Robert A. F. Thurman, author, and professor of Indo-Tibetan Studies

Soul Dog takes Elena beyond science into mystical paths—she writes that animals teach us to listen. Elena is their friend, ready to hear.” 

            —Diane Sawyer, American television journalist

P1130205.JPG Brio

Elena Mannes, an award-winning television journalist, and producer based in NYC, got her first dog following a near-fatal car crash. After bringing her puppy Brio home, he quickly showed he wasn’t into the typical master-companion relationship— he had a mind—and a spirit—of his own! What she discovered with Brio shook the foundations of her physical and spiritual worlds, sending her on a journey to discover the nature of his spiritual origins and to contemplate and seek out the possibility of interspecies communication. 

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A psychic healer Elena visited not long after bringing Brio home, shared that he was an old soul. Intrigued by the experience and the possibilities, Elena produced a filmed segment with Diane Sawyer, the renowned TV journalist, featuring the same psychic, who in turn described Sawyer’s country house and her dog’s favorite spots in the yard. Elena’s skeptical journalist background compelled her to investigate further, so she delved into the world of animal communicators, psychics, and scientists studying animal intelligence, such as Rupert Sheldrake, to gain an understanding of animals’ thoughts and feelings, interspecies communication and telepathy, animal souls and the afterlife, and animal reincarnation.


To order your copy of Soul Dog: A Journey into the Spiritual Life of Animals, visit SoulDogBook.com   And for updates, please visit their Facebook Blog  

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