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Introducing The Pop Up Pet Door™

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Pop-Up Pet Products Introduces The Pop Up Pet Door™, The Quick And Easy Way To Add A Pet Door To Any Sliding Glass Door

 “The 1st Pet Door That Can Be Installed In Less Than 5 Minutes…Without Any Tools!” 


Designed to accommodate a wide range of homes and pets, this economical door installs in less than five minutes providing pets with easy access to the yard and house.

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Pets are great, but sometimes it seems like they cause a never ending process of getting up to open the door and let them in or out. Now there is a simple and economical solution to the problem - the Pop-Up Pet Product’s Pop Up Pet Door™ installs on any sliding glass door in just minutes providing pets with easy access to the inside of your home and to the yard. It also saves on electricity by filling the gap in your sliding door.



“We wanted to create a simple way for pets to go in and out on their own,” says Renee Vanderbilt-Kay, President of Pop Up Pet Products. “We were tired of getting up to let the dog out and then back in, but didn’t want the expense and hassle of having a traditional pet door installed. This resulted in the creation of the Pop Up Pet Door, a simple solution that installs on almost any sliding glass door, keeps bad weather and pests out, but also allows your pet easy access to the yard.”




The Pop Up Pet Door was recently featured on Hallmark Channel USA's Home and Family segment!  To see the video please visit their Facebook Page.  And to order your own Pop Up Pet Door, visit their website at

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