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Wash AND Vacuum Your Floors with CrossWave® Pet Pro!

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Bissell Canada has the perfect product for pet parents who want to keep their home looking spiffy.  The CrossWave® Pet Pro Multi-Surface Wet Dry Vacuum makes cleaning up after a pets a cinch.  Some of the great features are: 

  • Vacuums and washes your floors at the same time
  • Designed for pet clean up, this Pet Pro model features a 3-year limited warranty, Multi-Surface Pet Brush Roll, Multi-Surface Pet Cleaning Formula, a Rinse & Clean Out Tray and a Pet Hair Strainer for easy clean up
  • Pet Pro model includes specialized pet cleaning solution to help remove pet odors.
  • Pet Pro Multi-Surface Pet Brush Roll is tangle free for hair up to 8 inches long, which helps minimize that annoying pet hair wrap
  • Multi-surface cleaning—safe for sealed hard floors and area rugs
  • Two-tank system keeps clean and dirty water separate so you are always using clean water and formula mixture on your floors
  • Smart-touch controls on the handle allow you to easily switch between cleaning hard floors and area rugs and control your solution with an on-demand solution trigger
  • Easy Remove Brush Window and Removable Brush Roll allow for easy cleaning and maintenance.



Safe for sealed hard floors and area rugs.


To learn more about the CrossWave® Pet Pro and other products designed specifically for pets, be sure to visit the Bissell Canada website.  Happy cleaning!