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The Pet Pail - For Dogs On The Go!

Hitting the road or hiking the trails with a favorite canine friend is one of life’s simple pleasures. But gathering together and packing away all the bowls, bottles and food can be a time and space consuming process. What if there was a grab and go solution that was easy, compact and contained everything needed for a canine adventure. The answer is the Pet Pail, a convenient and stylish feeder that provides all a dogs needs when away from home

“We designed the Pet Pail to provide for all the essentials of dog travel",  says Rolane Grinnell, President of Pet Partners Worldwide. “We wanted to simplify trips with a dog by creating a product that presented a grab-and-go, all-in-one solution for dogs on the move.”


The Pet Pail (MSRP $59.99) resembles a stylish lunch box that is packed with everything needed for a trip away from home. Packed away items include:

  • built in waste bag dispenser
  • removable food and water storage containers for wet or dry food
  • pail handle that doubles as a collar
  • a spoon/fork to scoop out messy dog food
  • shoulder strap that doubles as a leash
  • two removable, dishwasher safe food and water bowls
  • sealable, spill proof bowl lids
  • two built in, extra deep removable bowls for big eaters
  • removable lid allows bottom half of the pail to be used as a home feeder

Purchased separately these items could cost as much as $180. One Pet Pail does it all and costs far less.

Pail4The Pet Pail also has additional built in storage for pre-packaged pet foods and is the only raw food feeder on the market. Standard ice packs can be placed below the bowls to keep raw food fresh and water cool all day long

The durable outer shell is built tough to perform in the most extreme conditions and comes in a variety of stylish colors. The Pet Pail is available in bold orange and black, beautiful pink and gray, vibrant teal and yellow and sleek mint green and black. It is also is available in two different cammo patterns - lime green or pink.

Pail11 Pail2

“Get rid of the stress of traveling with your dog,” added Grinnell. “The Pet Pail allows you to feed your pet anywhere you go, reduce spills and clutter in the car, travel with just one item and you’ll never forget a leash or a waste bag again. No wonder it was chosen as one of SuperZoo’s top dog products of 2018.”

For more information on how to purchase your Pet Pail or how to get in touch with the company please go to www.MyPetPail.com.


About the Company

Founded in 2017, Pet Partners Worldwide is a family-owned company located in Cedar City, Utah. Through its passion for animals, shared business acumen and entrepreneurial drive, Pet Partners Worldwide is revolutionizing the travel pet care industry with its innovative products and designs.







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Morgan Renshaw

Another great invention I didn't do!!! What a fantastic idea to make traveling with your furbaby so much easier, include all the necessities, and still have a few extras to make the excursion perfect. I may need to invest in a couple of these myself.

Two French Bulldogs

We need one! We love it
Lily & Edward

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