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Writers and Their Cats - Celebrating Friendships

Cat writers

Charming photos and anecdotes celebrate the friendships between 45 iconic writers and their beloved feline companions

I adore cats and I really wish I could be a cat mom.  Due to severe allergies (and yes - I have tried the medication route) I can only be a cat "visitor" while at the local humane society or at friends-with-cats homes.  For centuries, cat lovers all over the world have benefited from feline companionship.  This delightful book, Writers and Their Cats, truly illustrates that with photos and accompanying stories.  It's a perfect book for cat lovers and just recently became available for sale on August 21, 2018. 


(Neil Gaiman)

Mark Twain, Alice Walker, Patricia Highsmith, Judy Blume, Haruki Murakami, Ursula K. Le Guin—so many great writers have shared one very special love: the companionship of cats. Gathered here for the first time are behind-the-scenes stories of 45 famous writers and their feline friends.


(Ernest Hemingway)


(Judy Blume)

From the six-toed kitties who still inhabit the Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum in Florida, to the mewling muses of mystery writer Lilian Jackson Braun, to Neil Gaiman’s tiny cat Zoe, completely blind and like “a fluffy bundle of love,” Writers and Their Cats celebrates these enduring friendships in charming photographs and engaging text. Sure to delight book nerds and cat lovers alike, this sweet hardcover volume shows why cats are, in the words of Gloria Steinem, “a writer’s most logical and agreeable companion.”



(Alice Walker)


(Mark Twain)

About the Author:
Alison Nastasi is an author, journalist, publicist, and artist. A longtime editor for the arts and culture website Flavorwire, Nastasi has also written for Fandango, Moviefone, MTV, Pitchfork,, Darling Magazine, Gizmodo, and many more. She is the author of Artists and Their Cats, also published by Chronicle Books, and lives in Los Angeles.


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