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A humorous collection of dozens of photos of funny and adorable cats as they play with, roll in, and chow down their favorite snack of choice — catnip.

Cats love catnip. Whether it’s eating it, playing with it, or rolling around in it, catnip turns our domestic feline friends into hilarious balls of activity. Carefree and unconstrained, they are free to be silly, exceptionally playful, and downright gnarly.

Professional pet photographer and self-confessed crazy cat man Andrew Marttila (the photographer behind Shop Cats of New York) captures a range of the cats’ silly and expressive personalities as they react to their catnip trip. Delightful, elegant Fluffy transforms into a hell-bent renegade. Shy, reserved Mittens becomes a free-loving acrobat. In the blink of an eye, a cat’s expression transforms from bored to inquisitive to playful to curious to bizarre . . . to utterly unhinged. A fun and delightful look at our furry companions, this gift book is perfect for every cat lover.

Raisin9mo_DSC9938Image source: © Andrew Marttila


Morty6mo_DSC7948 Image source: © Andrew Marttila


Shrampton6_DSC5636Image source: © Andrew Marttila


Coco9_DSC9016Image source: © Andrew Marttila



Want to have a copy of CATS ON CATNIP of your own?  Time for another giveaway!  The contest is open to residents of the USA.  Two winners will be chosen randomly on Tuesday, June 5th.  Good luck!



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All Things Collie

Sorry, I can't find my original comment. I was on a break, and hadn't heard about this. While I like, I am sorry to hear about BlogPaws being sold. I always thought the sole purpose of BlogPaws was to encourage pet bloggers, and to celebrate their individuality. I'm not sure what will happen with a corporation running things.

Linda Szymoniak

We've had many cats over the years. Some have loved catnip (I think our Koneko was the funniest with it) and others who weren't as interested in it. Currently we have two who do. Arata gets all silly with it. Moko actually gets a little "mean" (we jokingly say she's a mean drunk). Moko does get all rolly-polly and is adorable. You just don't want to put your hand by her face or you might get nipped.


Most of the cats I know are not as attracted to catnip as the photos in this book!

Sandy Weinstein

yes she does, especially in her toys that she plays with

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