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No one I know likes dog vomit.  Not even a little bit.  By that I mean not even liking it a little bit and/or a little bit of vomit.  And especially dog vomit that is in your car.  That seems to make it extra nasty. And hey - your dog doesn't like vomiting.  He or she may like eating it, sadly, but that's a whole other blog post.  

Enough about my musings on dog vomit.  If you have a dog that is prone to car sickness and hence, barfing in your Prius, Corolla, Soul or Bronco, you'll want to get this handy e-book




Written by Leslie May, How I Helped My Dog Get Over Carsickness, is a clear and concise account of how she helped her beloved dog, Rach, not only lose his fear of car rides, but how she cured him of the "car barfies" (My term).  In explaining the book, Leslie writes: 

"This book is designed to share with you the process I developed and implemented in helping Rach get over not only his fear of the car, but the feeling he had of the movement of the car, both of which led to his severe car sickness for over two years. It worked for us and hopefully it will work for you!"



Rach2(Rach is an award-winning agility dog!)

Having first tried a variety of tools such a calming oils, ginger cookies and crate placement, (which did not solve the issue) it wasn't until she went through a behavior-based system that she found success.  She refers to it as The Plan.  And by golly, it worked!

So if you have a dog who would really appreciate NOT having to upchuck in the Chevy, I encourage you to spend the $3.95 USD on her e-book.  (It only cost me $5.00, being Canadian, you know). Your dog, your nose and your car upholstery will thank you.  

Rach1("I'm the King of the Castle and I no longer lose my lunch in Mom's car")

About the author:  

Leslie May is the founder of Pawsible Marketing, a pet business marketing and consulting firm. Leslie is a successful veteran marketer who began her own consulting business in 2002 helping technology companies with marketing strategy and branding. With 30+ years in marketing, in 2006, her love of animals and growing menagerie of cats and dogs was the inspiration to take her firm, Pawsible Marketing, into a branded niche service exclusively helping owners of pet-related businesses with all their marketing needs.

Leslie is also the author, along with her dog Johann, of ‘Raise A Green Dog.’ Raise A Green Dog is a website and blog dedicated to helping dog lovers learn how to help their dog live a healthier, happier life. ‘Raise A Green Dog’ is available on Amazon.com and on BarnesandNoble.com.






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Morgan Renshaw

Thankfully, I haven't had to deal with a dog who gets carsick, but I have friends who have. Thanks for sharing the link to your book and your story of success!!

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