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A Dog's Life ~ A Perfect Family Game for Dog Lovers!


(Disclosure: I was given a game at no-charge.  The review is my honest opinion) 

As a kid growing up in the 70's, every household had a closet filled with board games. Games of all sorts, that actually got taken out regularly and played, with family and friends.  All times of the year, even down at the summer cottage during rain days, when sunning and swimming weren't an option. Where have those days gone?  When board games brought people together, bringing laughter, some friendly trash-talk and some quality mind stimulation.

I'm hoping there is a come-back with board games.  Especially now that A Dog's Life is on the market.  I love dogs.  I love games.  Win/win for this one.  


Recently the nice people at Beton Games sent me their popular creation, A Dog's Life, based on a proven bestselling board game by legendary designer Christophe Boelinger.  This is the game in a nutshell: "A Golden Retriever, a German Shepherd, a Poodle, a Whippet, a Boxer, a Labrador, and a Fox terrier take a break from their masters to have an adventure in the streets.  They need you, your family, and your friends to guide them on their exciting new life journey."  Cool, huh?



The game comes with a variety of items, including super spiffy player pieces, which of course, are dogs! The instructions are clear and quite lengthy, so it's not a game you simply set up and start.  I did find the details of the game a little surprising, but it is certainly ideal for those who enjoy role-playing type games and learning the tips and tricks of living a successful dog life. There is even a video on their site to help explain how it all works.  And just 4 minutes long!  (I'm a visual person so that really helped) 



The game is available for sale online at www.ADogsLifeGame.com, with their initial Kickstarter Campaign ending very successfully. I welcome you to check out the website and consider adding this fun game to your board game closet.  And bring it out often!  You'll have a dog-gone good time!





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Dog Training Melbourne

It's still nice to have your own dogs and play with them. More physical activities for you and your family :)

Johnny Maxwell

I would avoid this at all costs. They had a successfully funded campaign on Kickstarter, but things have gone downhill since it finished. For over a month we have been attempting to get any sort of real update. They do respond, but never give an update. They actually started producing the game 8 months ago and will not give any sort of confirmation on anything.

On top of that, they DID NOT PAY 'The Rules Girl' for her work that you saw above. This is the ONLY company to refuse to pay her for her work.


I have this great service that I tried out and it helped my dog so much try it!!

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