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PetPlate - Fresh Human-Quality Dog Meals Delivered to Your Door!


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Lately I have been noticing more and more companies advertising for home delivery of fresh ingredients, where peeps can create scrumptious and healthy meals in their own kitchen.  Everything you need to make your chosen dish arrives right to your door, along with simple instructions for a fool-proof culinary experience.  (I'm all about fool-proof)

Now imagine the same thing for your dog. except you don't even have to put it together!  It's all prepared...fresh and tasty and custom fit for your canine nutritional needs.   Announcing PetPlate!

PetPlate is on a mission to improve the lives of dogs by delivering 100% human-quality dog meals directly to pet parents nationwide on an auto-renewal subscription basis. (Plan frequency vary by dog size.)



Made from USDA meat and fresh produce, PetPlate meals are designed by the company’s veterinary nutritionist for optimal nutrition, and are cooked in small batches by a team of talented chefs for maximum palatability. Packaged in recyclable cups, the meals are ready-to-eat straight from the fridge or warmed up in a microwave. PetPlate makes it easy for pet parents to raise happy, healthy dogs by providing a nutritious solution to mealtime.


Get 15% off your order with code PETLADY15 at checkout!


To learn more about this fresh concept for healthy dog food, visit their website at  You can even get a Trial box for as low as $20! 





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Amor aos Pets

Hi guys,

Is it possible to find Pet Plate here in Brazil? We don't have such a great options and I don't trust in the companies here.

I want to start giving some natural dog food for my puppies!

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