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BOSSPUP is a young company (started in 2016) that creates some pretty darn spiffy dog clothes.  Simple, stylish and comfy, is how I would describe them.  Made in the USA (Los Angeles), I can see this company only growing bigger, as more pet parents are looking for clothes that look "real". Not frilly and costume-like.  I was sent a couple of samples and I can assure you of the high quality and care that went into the items.
 Bosspup instagram
Founder of BOSSPUP, Christie explained: "We to cater towards the wide chested dogs like french bulldogs, pugs, etc. but we have smaller sizes too. We're always working to improve fit and variety. Listening to our customers needs is really important to us. Ultimately we like to provide stylish clothes that humans would like to wear themselves. Quite often people tell us that they have a top that's similar to what we sell and love to match with their dogs".
The clothing line includes beach tanks, bow ties, shirts, jackets, tank tops, tops and my favorite, hoodies.  Who doesn't love a hoodie on a dog?  Or on yourself!  Check out their product selection here
And this is good news...They offer FREE shipping in the USA and low international shipping. 
Check out their Instagram page for LOTS of great photos of happy dogs sporting their BOSSPUP looks!  


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Dog Clothes

I would like to say that this blog really convinced me to do it! Thanks, very good post.

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