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March 2018

PetPlate - Fresh Human-Quality Dog Meals Delivered to Your Door!

(Disclosure: Article contains affiliate links) Lately I have been noticing more and more companies advertising for home delivery of fresh ingredients, where peeps can create scrumptious and healthy meals in their own kitchen. Everything you need to make your chosen dish arrives right to your door, along with simple instructions... Read more →

Guide to Humane Critter Control ~ Book Giveaway!

Guide to Humane Critter Control: Natural, Nontoxic Pet Solutions to Protect Your Yard and Garden Spring officially arrived the other day and even though there is still snow on the ground where I live, the stores are starting to bring in pallets of gardening supplies. I love that. It instills... Read more →

You Can Bake & Cook For Your Dog!

(Disclosure: I was sent complimentary copies of both books. They are "must-have" books for those interested in cooking and baking for their canine family members!) If you're looking to create healthy and delicious nom noms for your pooch, you'll want to check out these two books from Schiffer Publishing. With... Read more →

BOSSPUP - Stylish Clothes for Your Dog, Made in the USA!

BOSSPUP is a young company (started in 2016) that creates some pretty darn spiffy dog clothes. Simple, stylish and comfy, is how I would describe them. Made in the USA (Los Angeles), I can see this company only growing bigger, as more pet parents are looking for clothes that look... Read more →

Drag Performers Join Local Animal Advocacy Charity to Help Promote Shelter Pets

Look What The Dog (& Cat!) Dragged In! New York City’s best drag performers are teaming up with local animal advocacy charity organization, Rock & Rawhide, to bring attention to shelter and rescue animals. A series of photo shoots dubbed “Look What the Dog (& Cat!) Dragged In” will feature... Read more →